Pockie Ninja Chapter 9 Zanpakutō System Guide

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  • Player can click the button on the bottom right of the screen to enter Zanpakutō interface. Player must reach lv.61 to enter it.       
  • Player can collect weapon components to synthesis one weapon. Weapons are classified into Blunt, Sharp and Fist.         
  • Zanpakutō can activate the weapon into the type that player is using right now

How to Enter

Click the navigation button at the bottom of the game

Pockie Ninja Chapter 9

Equip Soul Crystal to Zanpakutō

Equip Soul Crystal to Zanpakutō

  • Soul Crystal can be obtained from Impel Down and has 2 types of quality: blue and purple.
  • Each Zanpakutō has 6 areas to equip Soul Crystal. Each area has certain requirements for the Soul Crystal.
  • Extra Soul Crystals can be sold to the system in exchange for Spiritstone and stones.
  • Equipped Soul Crystal can gain higher attributes by being refined.

Zanpakutō has 3 forms

Zanpakutō Forns

The 2nd Form of Sharp        The 3rd Firn of Fist


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