Pockie Ninja Chapter 9 Impel Down Guide

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Impel Down, an underwater hell-fortress with maximum defenses where Ace and other criminals are imprisoned. You can win prizes by challenging dungeons with multiple battlefields .

1. How to Enter

Click the icon on the top of the screen to enter

(The button is only visible to lv.60 players )

Pockie Ninja Impel Down

Pockie Ninja Impel Down

2. Layout

A. There're 25 floors for each stage

B. At the beginning of each stage, you have to start the challenge from the 1st floor and will be teleported to the next floor if you win.

3. Rewards

Player who successfully challenges each floor will be awarded with EXP and get a chance to win the precious Soul Crystal.

Note: Rewards will be sent to the backpack. No more challenge is allowed when the backpack is full.

4. Auto-Challenge and Other Functions

A. Refresh - This function can help you return to the 1st floor of a stage and increase the chance of getting Soul Crystal.

Note: You can refresh every stage once and pay to refresh 4 times per day.

B. Speed up proceeding and auto-challenge makes the game easier and more convenient(will be available in later updates)


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