Pockie Ninja Chapter 7: Boodline Limit New Pets Guide

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Pockie Ninja

1. Tsunade'a favourite: Tonton

Introduction: Keen sense of smell, very smart. Somehow it manages to communicate with Tsunade and Shizune, and it gets along well with Kakashi's pet Pakkun.

Skill: Bullet Impact--- After owner's attack, there's 33% chance to release forceful attack and deal 125% of damage. There's 25% to increase Defence by 300 points, lasting for 3 seconds.

Pockie Ninja Pet

2. Cutie Pet: Noba

Introduction: Modsouls (and quite good-looking). When out of his Gigai, he inhabits a green turtle toy.

Skill: Leap Gravity---Before enemy takes action, there's 33% chance to attack and deal 75% of damage and reduce target's attack power by 18%, lasting 5 seconds. There's also 25%chance to remove enemy's invulnerable status.

Pockie Ninja Pet



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