Pockie Ninja Chapter 7: Bloodline Limit Guide

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Pockie Ninja

Learn Bloodline Limit

1. There are two ways to gain access to the system

A. Outdoor luminous building

Pockie Ninja

B. The Ninja Sage icon in the main interface

Pockie Ninja

2. Give Likings to NPC and increase NPC's Amity level

A. You can do daily quests and send NPC his or her favourite items to increase your Amity level

Pockie Ninja

B. Where to obtain Likings: Outdoor boss, slot machine, cards, Defence against tailed beasts, Valhalla, etc.

3. When your Amity reaches required level, you can inherit NPC's Bloodline Limit

A. Inherited Bloodline Limit can be found in Ninja's Saga interface

Pockie Ninja

NPC Likings, Amity and Bloodline Limit

Pockie Ninja

The content of Bloodline Limit are subject to change

Enhance Bloodline Limit

1. Bloodline Limit must be activated before attributes become effective

A. Bloodline Limit must be activated before attributes become effective

Pockie Ninja

B. You can choose a Bloodline Limit to activate

Pockie Ninja

2. You can Discover a Bloodsoul to reinforce your Bloodline Limit

Pockie Ninja

A. Bloodsoul has 7 levels

Different levels of Bloodsoul have different requirement

B. How to get Bloodsoul

You can discover Bloodsoul for free, or use gift coupons and gold

C. Pray Bloodsoul

Click Pray Bloodsoul to open the interface (all unequipped Bloodsoul will appear). Choose the one you want to Pray, and then use gold ,gift coupons or items to start. You'll get a Bloodsoul which has the same level as the original one

D. Synthesize Bloodsoul

Three identical Bloodsoul can be synthesized into a higher level Bloodsoul (If there's one Bloodsoul which is different.from the other two, a random Bloodsoul will be synthesized.). A number of stones is required for the synthesis.

E. Bloodsoul

Pockie Ninja

3. Other Features

Forget —— You can forget needless Bloodline Limit. After forget this Bloodline Limit, you need to increase the Amity with NPC again to regain it.

Expand —— You can use gold to have more Bloodline Limit space



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