Pockie Ninja Guide: Burn Stones to Produce Gold

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Pockie Ninja

By: Slash2Die

NOTE: this is guide is not intended to compete with the business done by this game, this guide only help those who doesn't want to produce real money on playing(free users) that wants to earn the main currency needed on this game.

before i start, le me say: "burn stones to produce gold"

Why obtaining gold?

-Gold is the main currency on this game.

-Tsunade's pub required gold not stones and gift coupons.(10 per spin)

-Engraving equipment stats required gold not stones and gift coupons(don't know the exact, but it's 100+)

-Craftsman's Lodge required gold not stones and gift coupons(50 gold for upgrading 1 stat)

-Use to buy different outfits(grey/blue/orange/shippuden/s-rank), pets(30synth pet value/40 synth pet value/shippuden tailed beast/s-rank tailed beast), manda, kurodo, tonton, etc. at TM.

How can i obtain gold?

-Top up

I don't want to top up, but i want to obtain gold, how?

-OK, selling stuffs is your only option to obtain gold.

How to obtain gold(1):

1) Observe on TM what are stuff that is in demand, Observe also on World Chat what players are looking for.(example: WTB DPS)

2) Accept bidding for other players, good negotiation always ended up on good outcome. NOTE: when negotiating, always do it on 2 or more people(if possible) so that, whoever have the high price, u can sell it to him/her.

3) Lower your price(ex. someone selling DPS for 5g, sell urs by 4g)(why?) you need to have a sure buyer, and bcoz of ur low price selling strategy, u can earn some loyal buyers. NOTE: on lowering price, don't end up lowering the price that is too much.(ex. someone selling DPS for 5g, do not sell urs by 3g, 2g and 1g)

Pockie Ninja

How to obtain gold(2):

1) Demon p\Proof of Suppression = Vary on what server u from

2) Lava Stones = Vary on what server u from(gold/stones)(optional if u want sell or use)

3) Dark Collection = Vary on what server u from and for those who are not planning on getting dark red BL

4) 4s items = Vary on what server u from(gold/stones)

5) Outfits(grey/blue/orange/shippuden/s-rank) = Vary on what server u from(gold/stones)

6) Pets(30s Value/40s Value/shippuden tailed beas/s-rank tailed beast) = Vary on what server u from(gold/stones)

NOTE: items enclose with "(gold/stones)" can be sell through gold or stones, for the rest, recommended for gold.

How to obtain gold(3):

1) Demon Proof of Suppression can be obtain by synthesizing:

Hand grenade + 2s + 2S = Demon Proof (60%); Hand grenade (10%)

Hand grenade + gem of justice+ gem of justice = Demon Proof(100%)

NOTE: hand grenade, gem of justice and 2s items can be obtain by explorations, if u can't get(unlucky) buy at TM for cheap price, remember "burn stones to produce gold".

2)Lava Stones can be obtain by only one place:

Valhalla runs. (Events that rewards Lava stones are all bound)

NOTE: again this is only optional if you want to sell this item or use it at Tailed Beast Defense.

3)Dark Collections can be obtain on:

Participating at Tailed Beast Defense

Slot machines (lvl 91 map is recommended)

NOTE: Sell if you are not planning on getting dark red Blood Line or else keep it

4) 4s items can obtain by:

3s + Lucky gem + 3s = 4s (70%)

3s +3s + 3s= 4s (40%)

Slot machines

Valhalla Runs(abyss mode)

Tailed Beast Defense

Note: this item can be sell by gold or stones, best if u can sell them at gold, but some players buy it for stones. still accept it for stones, remember u need stones to buy hand grenade and gem of justice. "burn stones to produce gold"

5) Outfits can obtain on:

shippuden/s-rank = Luxury pot(sign in event)

grey/blue/orange = forget this, no one need this

NOTE: this items can also be sell by stones or gold, but i recommend on selling this by gold even on low price(refer to How to obtain gold(1) #3)

6) Pets can obtain on:

Pet 30s value = Explorations

Pet 40s value = Pet tracing(unbound if lucky)

Shippuden/s-rank tailed beast = Luxury Pot(sign in event)

NOTE: 30s and 40s value pet i think they are forgotten because of tailed beast. i recommend on selling shippuden and s-rank tailed beast for gold only.

just always remember:

Burn stones to produce GOLD

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