Pockie Ninja: Basic Stones Guide

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Pockie Ninja

By: Joeleeq

Pockie Ninja: Basic Stones Guide

Note: Treasure drop rate % in ring and talisman as well as Darkwing greedy passives probably increase drop rate of loots. Some people equipped these gears during Tailed Beast event and managed a lot of 4s. But, its effective increase wasn't really clear. 

1. Valhall

When you started playing PN, the best source of stones will be Valhalla. Valhalla on average could provide 4k-10k depending on which level of Valhalla u did. You will get extra stones by being the leader.

You can get abyss pass for that level of Valhalla when you are level 56 and above. Abyss pass can be easily sold off due to high demand.

In the Valhalla, you could also get stones bag from flipping cards at the end. Stones bag gives amount of stones depends on the level of stone bag which determined by level of Valhalla you doing. 

2. Exploration

When you started playing, the rewards wasn't attractive. But as you proceed those outdoor maps, the exploration rewards will get better and higher chance of getting unbound items. 

Regarding the area key which you can obtain from exploration, its rewards also will get better and higher chance of getting unbound items such as recast talisman or demon proof of suppression. This unbound items preferably sell at trade market to earn stones or golds.

You can further extend amount of exploration using 12 golds or GC since it was limited by certain amount (according to your level). You can consider to refresh all tries if you feel worthy to get items than 12 gc and you have enough online time to utilise all the tries. 5 mins per exploration which you can easily forgotten the timing to click exploration.  

3. Bounty Quests

As a beginner, the Common ore quest seems to able provide user a lot of stones upon completion. Regarding Mysterious ore, it is better to stock the Mystery Disassembly Scroll so that you can stack and making it easier to identify the type of gears required.

4. Demon boss

Other than being one of the best source of EXP, it is also one of the best in terms of loots. You can get gem level 1, unbound lucky gem, village namecard (only in the first 3 areas near your village), demon drops, etc. All these items can be sold in TM for high amount of stones or golds. Even some rare cases, you can get 4s equipment which can sell for substantial amount.

However, it required demon proof of suppression which can be used until limit of 50. It can be synthesized easily using hand grenade and mix of 2 of any syn 30 and above items. 

5. Slot Machine

This is one of the key to earn a lot of 2s and 3s. I normally use unbound hand grenade + 2 unbound 2s that I get from slot to make demon proof to be sold in TM. Those bound 2s will be synthesized into bound demon boss to facilitate leveling and earning loots for personal use. I recommend unbound for sale in TM since you got bound stuff.

Moreover, slot machine gives you one of the most liquid items in TM, which is collection liking. Collection liking have a huge size of demand and supply and normally you can sell straight away in 'sell items' sections. There will always be someone setting WTB in TM for likings.

6 Pet Tracing

You get 10 tries per day to get most amount of items. Sometimes, you can get unbound pet eggs or pet food. Some people willing to buy pet food at high price, probably in urge to discover skills. Pet eggs on the other hand was not popular in TM because people prefer to buy the outcome of the eggs rather than gamble whether it is 40 syn pet or 30 syn pet.

27. Tsunade Pub

It frequently gives you stones bag. Everyday, you have 2 free tries to draw. As a free user myself, 90% of the loot was stones or GC bag. 

8. My Village

It requires a huge amount of investment to make it really successful. In short term, it doesn't look good due to high investment cost. You can easily get stones from the egg. The level of eggs depend on the your arena rank. The higher your arena rank, the higher is the level of eggs, thus higher amount of stones. But, the level of eggs appeared every hour is random. But, it won't go to really low level.

9. Tailed Beast event

This event have a very high chance giving you collection liking in hard and rampage difficulty mode. Easy mode only gives you EXP. It is best if you able to kill tailed beast earlier than cooldown finish. There is a risk in this event for gold user because the cooldown timer is inaccurate, thus when you click fight for 3 times, you will be charged for 3 golds. 

10. Impel Down (level 61+)

A really dangerous area to be in and you will lose 5% EXP if you lost and don't possess any gold. I recommend Discipline, Headteacher or Principal arena rank players to try. This is because the monsters really strong and can easily wipe out weaker opponent. The main source of stones will be the sale of soul crystal. Blue SC worth 10k stones while Purple worth 30k stones.

Conversion from stones to gold and vice versa

i) Should only done on liquid items

ii) High demand and supply

iii) Items which is expensive and sometimes purchased by gold user.

iv) Set WTB in stones and sell in golds or buy cheap items and resell in golds or vice versa.

Possible ones: Collection likings, frostbore, lucky gem, 4s, Valhalla abyss pass,...

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