Pockie Ninja Guide: Basic Guide to Pet, Pet Growth and Skill Sets

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Pockie Ninja

By Kanacho in the official forum

Hey guys, Kanacho here. I'm gonna help you guys out with some basics to pets and their growth.

Basic Guide to Pet and Their Growth

Getting a Pet: Through the story missions, you can get a pet from completing some basic quests. Pets are your allies in battle and can grant some cool effects such as, blocking an attack, reflecting damage, and more! You can also aqquire pets by going to the Super Mall and buy a box or single eggs that contain pets (which you can pay for with coupons).

Pet Growth: After you get your pet, you can do one of two things to help it grow. 1. You can synth. two +0 copies of your pet togeather with your main pet and increase its level (which in the end will make your pet stronger). or 2. You can feed your pet to teach it abilities (abilities can be also bought at the Super Mall). Completing a growth level will allow you to unlock a pet ability. (You can feed your pet at the pet kennel and unlock the abilities there as well). However, if you run out of slots, than you will have to overwrite of the the abilities in the given set of abilities. If you want to feed your pet quick, go to level 20+ places and search tons. If you are lucky, you will get special food that will reduce the hunger level by 100+ per food piece.

Pet Skill Building: All abilities that you unlock with feed levels are random. Try to feed your pet as much as possible and with the best food. Go to the Super Mall, and buy ability locks for your pet and lock abilities in the ability sets you wish not to get rid of. Overwriting abilities that are useless to you can help you get a skill build for your pet that can dominate your opponents! (Try building your pet based off of your skill set, whether it is Defense, Offense, Or Support.)

Basic Guide to Skill Sets

The 3 Basic Types of Skill Sets: In PockieNinja, i have learned from my experiance that there are three basic skill sets. 1. Offense: this skill set usually specializes in getting as many hits out before your opponent can move. 2. Defense: The skills used in this strategy are usually those to protect yourself from harm, and reflect back damage to the opponent. 3. Support: The moves used here will be mostly to wear out your opponent and finish them off when they can't fight back.


I'll be starting with offense as you can see. As said earlier, offense is about trying to take down your opponent before they can get a turn to do anything. Offense is good against support skillsters such as the Chakra Killer. The majority of your skills will be used to disable your opponent or get yourself another turn, so you can dish out more damage! Here is a BASIC skill set for offense.

Sunset, Gale Palm, Great Strength, Puppet, Quickstep, Great Mud River

As you can see, puppet and gale palm are extra attacks that occur between your individual hits, sunset will cause gale palm to occasionally crit. for twice the damage, and great mud river great strength and quick step will allow you to get a large amount of hits off before your opponent does.


Defense is extremely useful, and can easily counter offensive skillsters. The majority of the moves will focuse around protecting you from damage and reflecting back damage to the opponent. Here is a basic skillset for Defense.

Mud Wall, Windstorm Array, Pre-Healing Jutsu, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Death Mirage Jutsu, Static Field

Mud wall, windstorm array, and death mirage jutsu will deal massive ammounts of damage to the enemy with minimal turns. Static Field, Pre-healing Jutsu, and dead demon consuming seal will keep you allive while you slowing kill your opponent.


Support combines both offensive and defensive techniques to take out those heavier opponents. Support can 80% of the time take out offense, and about 90% of the time take out defense skillsters. As stated previously, the skills used here are to wear out your opponent and kick them while they are down. Here is a basic skill set for Support.

Pre-healing Jutsu, Static Field, Substitution Technique, Chakra Blade, Eight Trigram Palm, Death Mirage Jutsu

Pre-healing jutsu, Static Field, and Substitution technique will allow you to withstand the blows you take from your enemy, while Eight Trigram Palm, Chakra Blade, and Death Mirage Jutsu will eat all of your opponent's chakra disabling their special techniques. You will also be able to deal substantial damage to your opponent with chakra blade, eight trigram palm, and death mirage jutsu.

Well there it is. The basic skill sets i have observed, and tested out. I hope this helps you guys out, and see you next time! 




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