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Pockie Ninja

By: Joeleeq

Game Development

Q: How do we know the content of next chapter release?

A: The content will be released two weeks prior they implement the chapter patch. Check them in Patch & Hotfixes.

Q: Normally how long do they conduct server maintenance?

A: Wednesday 00:00 to 7:00am in Server time. But, sometimes they will shift the maintenance day or shorten or prolong maintenance times. Please pay attention on main Website Notice or forum Announcement

Q: When will they release new servers?

A: Normally they will release new servers in conjunction with chapter release. Pay attention to main website Notices.

Q: Where to check newest events?

A: Check main website Activities section or forum Announcement.

Q: Where can I give suggestion about the game or even complain technical bugs in the game?

A: Forum section 'Bug reports and Suggestion'.


Q: Why is there so much items only for Top Up players?

A: They keep the server alive. You can contribute to server by charging as well.

Q: So how to Top Up?

A: Main Website 'Charge'.


Gift Coupons

Q: How to get Gift Coupons?

A: Quests, Daily Liveliness, Events, War of Ninja registration (level 80 and above) and Gift Coupon Bag (obtainable from Area Keys, Jar Smash, Tsunade Pub)


i. Compilation of Guides 

ii. Outfits, Bloodline, Bloodsoul, Title, Enchantment Stone, Pet Passives

iii. All building use or functions

Trade Market

Q: Why can't I sell items in trade market?

A: Only unbound can be sold in trade market.

Q: Can I unbound bound items?

A: No, you can't.

Q: Why some items can be sell but not within 'Want to buy' selection?

A: The game developer still have not consider to insert into trade market yet.

Q: Why did my sales proceed reduced?

A: There is 10% Tax on all sales in Trade Market.

World Chat

Q: Why cannot I speak non-English in World Chat and Nation Chat?

A: The rules stated that only English language is allowed in world and nation chat. You still can talk in non-English in private message. Punishment includes muting and repetition of such offence could result in permanent ban.

Q: What other rules that I must follow?

A: No insults, spamming, selling accounts and trading golds to stones or vice versa. The punishments includes muting and permanent ban. Please care about your behaviour in game.POCKIENINJA( o/ x, A+ P+ ~. b: W# \3 W


Q: Which base build is strongest? Tankers, speedster or punisher?

A: There is no definite answer because tankers normally beat speedsters but lost to punisher and punisher lost to speedster.

Q: What skills suitable for my build?

A: Commonly used skills as follows (can be changed at own discretion):

Speedster: Chidori, Thunderfall, Crystal Blade, Great Strength, Detonating Bomb/Mudriver, Rebirth (for high level)

Punisher: Windstorm, Crystal Blade, Bomb/ Rasengan, Prayer, Dead Demon Cursed Seal, Mudriver, Rebirth (for high level)

Tanker: Pre-healing, Mudwall, Windstorm, Rasengan, Crystal Blade, Prayer.

Or mix and match according timing of skills.

Q: What base builds or stats builds are suitable for me?

A: Look at what orange outfit you using in Simple Thorough Builds Guide.


Q: Why did I saw some people have more than 6 slots? How to unlock more skill slots?

A: To unlock more skill slots, you will need to have Kakashi Notebook. Kakashi Notebook can be obtained from events, bounty quests (S-ranked Visiting Residents and A/S-ranked Foreign Matter) and Sign-in redeem event (560 points).!

Q: What does all the stats do?

A: Refer to Stats Build Guide.


Q: How do we get skills for our pet? How to lock or forget pet skills?

A: Pet has 3 parts, namely auras, support/aid and passives. 

i. Auras are classified according types of pets. There are several types, which are Plant, Beast, Channeling, Dragon, Artificial, Tailed Beast. Auras effect can be throughout the battle or only activated once or few times only.

ii. Support/aid skills are the pet skills which specific to each pet. To check what skills, you can refer toPets guide.

iii. Passives is stats just like gears. 

You will need to feed your pet with pet food and wait for 2 hours for the feeding process. When feeding ends, you can press discover if you feed more than satiety amount. Discover skills is random, if you bad luck, you will keep getting auras/aids/passives which you don't want. Try to get best skills when +0 first because the higher level is your pet, the larger the satiety needed to discover. You can get Pet Food in pet tracing or Feather Shop but 'Others/Debris' food is not within Feather Shop but you can synthesise using any of Feather Shop pet food +1s+1s to get EXP Mark which is Others.

There is another way to learn skills, that's by using pet skill book. You can get normal skill book from Valhalla crystal conversion, Item Mall and rare ones in events, Tsunade Pub and Luxury Treasure Jar. 

You can use pet skill lock (obtained from events, Pet tracing and Item Mall) to lock one skill (need 1 pet skill lock) which you doesn't want to lose or even 2 skills (1 skill lock for 1st lock and 2 lock for 2nd ones= 3 locks).

To forget pet skills, you need oblivion potion. Normally, oblivion potion obtainable from events and Ninjaopoly. It is regarded as rare.

Q: How to unlock more skills slot for pet? 

A: Every +3 upgrade of your pet, you will get a locked slot. To unlock the locked slot, it will cost stones which will increase substantially as your level increases. 

Q: How to upgrade pet then? Use purify stone? What's the max level?

A: The max level for pet is +27. To upgrade a pet, you can use 2 similar pets+0 as catalyst but this formula can fail. For 100% upgrade will be using pet purify stone. There is low, mid and high/advanced pet purify stone. 

Low: Use when you try upgrade +0 to +10 pet. e.g +10 to +11

Mid: Use when you try upgrade +11 to +20 pet e.g. +11 to +12 or +20 to +21

High: Use when you try upgrade +21 to +26 pet e.g. +21 to +22

Q: How to synthesise specific pets? How to synthesise Frostbore?

A: It is impossible to synthesise specific pets except vulture (Any syn 30 pet+ 2 anonymous cards). However, normal syn 30 pets, channeling and frostbore can be specifically converted from other similar syn value pets using Transfer shop in Armory. 

Frostbore (syn40 value): syn 30 pets +2 either 3s/lucky gem/orange outfit. The product could be still syn 30 value pet or channeling or Frostbore.


Q: How to synthesise specific outfits? How to synthesise Blue or Orange outfits?

A: Same as outfits it's impossible unless use transfer shop convert similar grade outfits.You cannot synthesise grey q& F$ w% z: I+ v! w' X  y# S

Blue outfits: Grey outfits+ 2 either 2s/ench stone.

Orange outfits: Blue outfits+ 2 either 3s/4s/lucky gem/syn40 pet

Q: How about upgrade outfits? Whats the max level?

A: It works the same like pet but the max level is +34. You still can use 2 similar+0 as catalyst to synthesise high level outfit. Regarding outfit purify stone, there is mega outfit purify stone.

Low: Use when you try upgrade +0 to +10 outfit e.g +10 to +11

Mid: Use when you try upgrade +11 to +20 outfit e.g. +11 to +12 or +20 to +21

High/advanced: Use when you try upgrade +21 to +30 outfit e.g. +21 to +22 or +30 to +31

Mega/ super: Use when you try upgrade +31 to +33 outfit e.g. +31 to +32 or +33 to +34

Q: How to make secret technique appears more often?

A: Upgrade your outfits the higher the more often ST appears.

Q: What is recast talisman?

A: Used to recast outfit to get better stats and stats growth value in outfits.


Q: How to level faster or earn more stones?

A: Refer to Leveling guide and Basic Stones guide.


Q: I cannot claim item from Personal Bag.

A: Login first and claim again.

Q: I already did all the tasks to get 30 ryos but I only get 20 ryos or stated I didn't fights 20 times in arena.

A: If you disconnected in Valhalla once, you will not get 30 ryos but 20 ryos. If you click Revenge in Arena even once, Revenge is not included in the fight count so you will not be able to claim ryos.


Q: I waited rewards for very long time already but I still haven't received it. 

A: There could be a delay, for more info, you will need to ask Mod or World whether anyone received them already. If everyone already obtained rewards but you didn't, you can contact Customer Serviceto check them.

Q: What time is Tailed Beast invasion event and Trial of Ninja (3v3) event?

A: Both of them is at 8pm Server Time (CST). TB is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and other days is Trial of Ninja.


Q: My sound settings I already turned off but it turned back on in next login.

A: When loading time of your server right after login, right click and click 'Settings', Go to Local Storage and set higher size. When the information size reaches limit, the sound settings cannot be saved. 

In-game Acronyms:

i. LFP/ LFT = Looking for party or team.

ii. Valhalla : ESF= Endless Sea Forest, DW = Deadwood Villa, NOV = Night of Valhalla, WD= Windstorm Pass, DF=Despair Forest, TLR = The lost realm.

iii. WTB: Want to Buy. WTS: Want to sell. TM= Trade Market. g = golds, gc = gift coupons, DPS = demon proof of suppression

iv. WC= World Chat, Mod = In-game moderators, MT= Server Maintenance

v. TB = Tailed beast, LN = Las Noches

vi. ST = Secret Technique

vii. Sig = Signatures

viii. Skills : CB = Crystal Blade, DDCS = Dead Demon Cursed Seal, GS= Great Strength, FTG = Flying Thunder God, DMJ = Death Mirage Jutsu, QS = Quicksteps

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