Pockie Ninja Aizen Build Guide

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Pockie Ninja

Aizen have Illusion Skill Release Skill passives so it very ideal for any village, ideal build for this character is


Illusion Dodge Tanker

This builde is all about dodging while using an illusionist character. You avoid taking any damage while dealing out damage yourself.

Recommeneded Stats: Dodge, Agi, Great Strength/Attack, Crit

pockie ninja Aizen skill build

Skill Build



Mist Hide

Quick Step


Cursed Seal/Dead Demon Seal/Death Mirage Jutsu

Substitution will be your main defensive skill aside from your dodge stat avoiding all incoming damage when it procs. Assasination will be your main attack skill since it should coming out often since you’re using an illusionist. Mist Hide is there to help you avoid damage and then rebound it back to your enemy. Quick Step is usefull to get two attacks in. Thunderfall is a great accompany move for quicksteps and other attacks since it deals damage and has the paralyze status effect. The last skill can be used for Cursed Seal to deal more damage later in the fight, Dead Demon Seal to make them do less damage, or Death Mirage Jutsu for better damage output throughout the fight.

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