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Pockie Ninja

By: The Shade beyon

These are what the outfit potential means:

Speed - Referring to the speedster build

Defense- Uses Stamina to advantagePockie Ninja,Free Web Games- C/ V$ _7 m- h

Punisher- Uses Attack and Defense to use recoil-like damage

Attacker- Generally just High Attack

Hybrid - Fast and Strong or Fast and DefensivePOCKIENINJA$ r% m  |! L) |% l- ~

Any - Any build could be used/ All stats are balanced

Some outfit know how:

Fire: Balsam and Sunset can both be used defensively. Only use sunset if your build is full of the 5 element skills. Bloodlust and sunset work together with an element heavy build, Which can end up dealiing ALOT of damage. Only use fireball In a drunk build, unless your commited to including it. 

Water: Mist Hide is defensive, but not till late match, It works better with Curse seal of heaven. Sunset cancels it out too. Giant waterfall is limited to 3 times, but its requirement makes it come out in tricky situations, which is really handy. Prayer is defensive, but I don't really like it because you can only use it once, Its still a popular skill though. Crystal blade stops people in their tracks, you cant damage their HP but you can sabotage their MP!

Earth: Great mud river is used to slow the enemy down, a bit more handy in a high speed Build. Mud wall is the a prime defensive skill for the earth release passive. 19% cast chance isnt much to rely on otherwise. Clay birds are really common, storing the damage you deal to double after 11 seconds. Truly deadly in a high damaging build. Earth prison is handy in two ways, It sucks out mana, and it reduces the opponents defense. Use it in an attack build, or a mana eater build.

Lightning: Static Field is the ultimate defensive skill. You can use it more than once, but its rare to happen. I've seen it. Its used best in combination with flying thunder god, if the thunderbolt strikes you in your shield, it will charge up your shields defensive points as well. Chidori slows down the opponent, preventing attacks. Thunderfall also slows down opponents.

Wind: Windstorm array is your bread and butter in a tank build. A high damaging counter that has a no-limit use. Quickstep on the other hand, is your macaroni and cheese of a speed build. Increasing your attacks is all that matters. Gale palm has a 27% chance to deal a slightly stronger attack. Better to stick it in a speed build. Rasengan has the potential to deal massive damage.

Body Tech: I want to start off by saying body tech does not cost aaany chakra. So put it with skills that use alot of chakra! A chakra conserving build is really only for los noches, When your faced up against other characters, you want to use everything you got!. Great strength and inner gates are good for tanks, Anything to reduce the number of strikes you get. Eight trigram palm is really only good in a chakra eating build, lotus is for those high damagers. Lotusing after clay can be deadly.

Ninja Tool: Bomb is an argument constantly in my mind. Bomb has saved me many times, and also caused my loss, many times. I dont use it anymore, unless im in los noches. Snared has unlimited uses, so its not too bad of a skill. Duration says one round, thatswrong, unless the -dodge% sticks around. Liquor has the greatest potential in drunk builds (burning builds) It also reduces hit rate. The problem is, if the opponent is a crit char, you'll be in slightly more trouble. Puppet is good in certain builds, its a great chip damager, Put with assassinate, will contract your own poison against you.

Sealing: Tailed beast heart is also controversial. Its 50% (Think coin flip) of removing a debuff. But it can has unlimited uses. Cursed seal works for high Health points, the higher you have, the more you lose, the more attack you gain. Five elements seal works once per match, for 25 seconds. I dont personally use it, but if you know the opponent is element heavy, by all means. Dead demon consuming seal can be used in any build. I dont care what anyone says, Its the alpha skill. Downside is High chakra use.

Illusion: Illusion builds can be fun, substitution technique makes people rage. alot. Assassinate is a beastly skill, with a heal on it. Works better on healing builds. Sexy technique works on those buff heavy enemies, but it can only be used once per match. I refuse to use death mirage jutsu, It says it lasts until the opponent runs out of chakra, but it usually lasts anywhere of 1-10 seconds.

Healing: I've been told different things, but palm and pre-heal say in their description, that when used together, they can both only be used 3 times. I've been told that actually putting both together reduces the effectiveness of them. Im not sure. Chakra blade is obviously for chakra eating builds, Creation rebirth is only for LOW HP, HIGH MP characters. Otherwise you'll find it useless and a waste of space.

What suits belong in what pots:

Grey outfit Wishing pot:


Ggio Vega

Love Aikawa

Hirako Shinji

Abarai Renji

Akimichi Choji

Inuzuka Kiba

Aburame Shino

Nara Shikamaru

Asuma Sarutobi


Sarugaki Hiyori

Nanao Ise

Momo Hinamori

Rangiku Matsumoto

Kurenai Yuuhi


Mitarashi Anko


Kurotsuchi nemu

Blue outfit wishing pot:



White Ulquiorra


Hitsugaya Toushiro

Hollowfied Hirako Shinji

Gin Ichimaru

Rock Lee

Hyuga Neji



Hollowfied Grimmjow

Momochi Zabuza



Yamanaka Ino



Kushajishi Yachiru

Yadomaru Lisa`

Orange outfit wishing pot:


Kurosaki Ichigo

White Ichigo

Hollowfied Ichigo

Hollow Ulquiorra



Hatake Kakashi

Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Itachi



4th Hokage


Kuchiki Byakuya


Shihouin Yoruichi


Inoue Orihime

Hyuga Hinata

Sakura Haruno


Kuchiki Rukia


Unohana Retsu

Shippuden Outfit Wishing pot:





Kisame Hoshigaki





Kotetsu Isane

Shiba Kuukaku

Arisawa Tatsuki

S-Rank Outfit Wishing pot:



Sage Naruto

Hebi Sasuke

3rd Hokage

2nd Hokage


Mashiro Kuna



Legend outfit Wishing pot:


Lil Jun


Lil Meng

Anniversay Outfit Wishing pot:


Kisuke Urahara

Shunsui Kyoraku



Hime-cut Hinata

Kujou Nozomi

Some random Builds:


Stats: Strength, Agility, Crit%


Cursed Seal of Heaven, Mist-Hide, Bloodlust, Gale Palm, Rasengan, Great Strength

(What this build is about is using bloodlust to cast your proc rate for your chakra using skills and purposely injuring yourself to increase your attack with Cursed seal of Heaven, mist hide is so you easily counter your opponent and of course to use some chakra with Gale Palm, Rasengan and Great Strength.)


Stats: Agility, Attack, Crit



Stats: Attack, Agility, Hit, Healthpoints, Crit, Dodge, Block



Stats: Attack, Hit, Crit, Speed


Chakra eaters

Stats: Hiiiiigh Health(not %) , Constitution (or Hit if you can't afford to get Manda or + it), Speed.


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