Pockie Ninja: 4th and 5th(Tsunade) Hokage Build Guide

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Pockie Ninja

4th Hokage Build Guide

4th Hokage have wind Release Skill passives so it very ideal for wind village, Have you ever gone to Arena and fight against a guy who just attacks you for like 5 times in a row in a single turn? Well the Wind Village is famous for them. They’re Called Speedsters. They quick step and you get pummeled alot in a single turn.

Pockie Ninja

Recommeneded Stats: Agility, +Speed

Skill Build:

Quick Step


Great Strength

Gale Palm

Windstorm Array

Mud River

This is the most basic build. The star skill in this build is Quick Step. If you’re using the recommended characters then you’re gonna be seeing this skill get cast alot. Chidori is there for the Paralyze effect. You can switch it out with Thunderfall since it works well too. Great Strength, is just what it is. You get awesome damage and a few turns of stun. And since you’re using a speedster those few turns turn into alot of turns with quick step. Gale Palm is there for the extra damage when attacking with Quick Step. Windstorm array is for the rebound when your opponent finally gets a turn in and attacks. Mud River is to slow him down so you have a few extra turns to quick step.

5th Hokage(Tsunade)

Tsunade have Healing Skill Release Skill passives so it very ideal for any village, there are two ideal build for this character

Pockie Ninja

1.Chakra Drainer

Chakra drainers drain you of all your chakra and won’t let you cast any jutsus because of this.

Recommeneded Stats: Agility, Great Strength, Dodge, Crit

pockie ninja Tsunade skill build ,

Skill Build

Eight Trigram Palm

Death Mirage Jutsu

Crystal Blade

Chakra Blade


Prehealing/Mystic Palm/Tailed Beast Heart

Eight Trigrams will be your main damage dealing skill while giving your opponent a debuff that makes him use twice as much chakra. Death Mirage Jutsu is used for damage over time while draining your opponents chakra too. Crystal Blade will freeze your opponent giving you a few turns of free chakra draining attacks (Chakra drains even if your opponent doesn’t get damaged). Chakra Blade is a good attack that damages and takes out chakra at the same time. Substitution is your basic damage avoidance skill. The last skill can will be used to either take of debuffs or heal you and take off damage over time debuffs to increase your survivability.


Stats: Constitution, Stamina, Defense, Healthpoints


* Assasinate, Pre Heal Jutsu, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Static Shield, Great Strength

* Mystical Palm, Assasinate, Eight Gates, Thunderfall, Substitute, Prayer

* Pre Heal Jutsu, Crystal Blade, Chakra Blade, Assasinate, Death Mirage Jutsu, Earth Prison

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