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I don't play Pockie Ninja. When the Pockie Ninja II Original comes to the scene, I was attracted by the hype it creates about its popularity and 'building on the success' of its predecessor, and tried out the game. After a few hours' playing, I begin to wonder why I waste my time. If it plays like the original in the core, I doubt its 'success' and popularity as well.

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Straight to the point, Pockie Ninja II Original is a browser-based game that can be skipped. It is such a kind of game that doesn't offer you much to do but blindly click. It doesn't have a story line but has tons of grinding quests; it is almost turn-based battles against various enemies, but excludes you out of the battleground; it preserves large potion of single-player play, while rendering the newly added multiplayer experience hardly enjoyable due to the long time's waiting to join a party and high cost of creating a clan.

As always, real money buys your great advantages. You can spend certain Gold to instantly finish the Chain Attack; you can create your own clan at the price of 2,000 gold; and you can spend gold so that you can revive on the spot with HP and chakra fully recovered and death penalty (loss of XP and reduction of equipment durability) lifted, for example.

If there is anything nice about Pockie Ninja II Original, it's the visual effects of various skills in battle, which stay true to the anime to certain extent. On the whole, Pockie Ninja II Original is a failure as a new game. Perhaps, it's better to launch just as a regular update to the original Pockie Ninja.

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