Pockie Ninja II Original Guide: Synthesis Recipes

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This is a synthesis recipes guide for Pockie Ninja II Original, which is posted by EinAcht from Official Forum. No matter if you're a newbie or not, I'm sure this guide will do some help for your gaming. Now just check below:

Recipe Format:

Main Item + Catalyst + Catalyst = Result(stat) (%chance)
Main Item x 3 = 3 same items on 3 synth slots

0s = Equipment with no Stat option
1s = Equipment with 1 Stat option
2s = Equipment with 2 Stats option
3s = Equipment with 3 Stats option
4s = Equipment with 4 Stats option

SV = Synthesis Value (can be found in the item description)

SV ranges:

a. 21 - below
b. 22 and 30
c. 31 and 38 or a pet30
d. 39 and 45 or a pet40
e. 46 and above

Note for catalysts:
You can interchange items within the same SV range. Ex: orange outfit = lucky gem = 4s

Main item(bound) = will always yield Bound item.
Main Item(unbound) = will only yield an Unbound item if the catalyst are both unbound too.

Tier - Increases per 10 levels (Lv.60-70, Lv.70-80..etc)

Synthing with Catalyst 2 tiers higher than the main item:

Ex. ItemLv.58 (Tier Lv.50-60) + ItemLv.72(Tier Lv. 70-80)*2 = ItemLv. ranging from the tier Lv.60-70, OR, if you're lucky,Item Lv with the same Tier lv. as your catalysts.

Pro-tip: Use the synthesis recipe that uses easily obtainable catalysts with high probability of success.
Using synth recipes such as 32sv pet + 4s + 4s = 40svpet, is just overkill. Unless you just want to free up bag space.

Outfit Synthesis

Re-roll Gray Outfits

Gray outfit + 0s + 0s = Gray outfit (90%)

Blue Outfit

Gray Outfit + Gray Outfit + Gray Outfit = Blue Outfit (20%)
Gray Outfit + Gray Outfit + 2s = Blue Outfit (40%)
Gray Outfit + 2S + 2S = Blue Outfit (65%)

Re-roll Blue Outfits
Blue Outfit + 1S + 1S = Blue Outfit (90%)

Orange Suit

Blue Outfit + 2S + 3S = Orange Suit (30%)
Blue Outfit x 3 = Orange Suit (40%)
Blue Outfit + 3S + 3S = Orange Suit (60%)
Blue Outfit + 3S + Lucky Gem = Orange Suit (70%)

Re-roll Orange Outfits:
Orange Suit + 1S + 1S = Orange Suit (90%)
Orange Suit + 2S + 2S = Orange Suit (100%)

Upgrade Outfits

Outfit+0 and above + Same Outfit+0 x 2 = Same outfit increased by one level.

Shippuden, S-Rank, Bankai, Anniversary, and other Special Outfits cannot be obtained from synthesizing, but you can downgrade them...

Downgrade Special Outfits(Shippuden, S-Rank, Bankai, etc. to Orange Outfits)

Special Outfit + 1s*2 = Orange Suit
Special Outfit + Anonymous Namecard*2 = Orange Suit


2s Equips

1S*3 = 2S (40%)
1S + 1S + 1.6x EXP Mark = 2S (60%)
1S + 1S + 2S = 2S (70%)

Re-roll 2s equips:
2S + 1S + 1S = 2S (99%)
2S*3 = 2S (100%)

3s Equips

2S*3 = 3S (20%)
2S + 2S + 3S = 3S (40%)

Re-roll 3s equips:
3S + 1S + 1S = 3S (90%)

Upgrade 3s (Increase Level)

Low level 3s + 1s preferrably 2 tiers higher*2 = 3s One tier up (75%), or 3s Same tier with your 4s (75%)

4s Equips

3S + 2S + 2S = 4S (10%) Not Recommended
3S + 3S + 3S = 4S (20%)
3S + 3S + Lucky Gem = 4S (25%)
3S + Lucky Gem*2 = 4S (30%)
3S + Lucky Gem +4S = 4S (40%)
3s + 40SV pet*2 = 4s (45%)
3S + Orange Suit + Lucky Gem = 4S (45%)
3S + Orange Suit*2 = 4S (45%)

Re-roll 4s equips:
4S + 30 Syn Value Pet + 30 Syn Value Pet = 4S (70%) 30 Syn Value Pet can be replaced with any Level 1 Gem
4s + 1s*2 = 4S (50%)
4s + 2s + 1s = 4S (80%)
4S + 2S*2 = 4S (80%) 2s Can be replaced with enchantment Gem

Upgrading your 4s (Increase level)

Synthing with Catalyst 2 tiers higher than the main item:

3s (preferrably 2 tiers higher than your 4s) + low level 4s + Lucky gem / Orange Suit = 4s One tier up (75%), or 4s Same tier as your 3s (75%)

low level 4s + 3s (preferrably 2 tiers higher than your 4s)*2 = 4s One tier up (75%), or 4s Same tier as your 3s (75%)

Upgrading Special Equip Sets:

Trial Field Equip Set Piece + Secret Technique Scroll*2 = Lv. 101 Trial Field Equip Set Piece

Lv. 81 Kage equip set piece + Kage Secret Jutsu Scroll*2 = Lv. 91 Advance Kage equip set piece

Lv. 91 Advance Kage equip set piece + Kage Unearthed Scroll*2 = Lv. 101 Kage set piece

*Trial Field Set = Lv. 91 Hidden Dragon, Blood Dragon, Dinosaur Set pieces can be obtained from Trial Field in exchange for Trial Points
*Lv. 81 Kage Set pieces can be claimed by a village Kage, every Sunday.


SynthValue(SV) 32 pets = Beast, Artificial, Plant pets
SynthValue(SV) 40 pets = Channeling, Dragon, Tailed Beasts

32SV pet+ 3s*2 = 40SV pet (60%)
32SV pet + Lucky Gem*2 = 40SV pet (80%)
32SV pet + Orange Outfit*2 = 40SV pet (80%)
32sv pet + Anonymous Card*2 = Vulture(32sv) pet (100%)

*Tailed Beasts cannot be obtained from synthesizing


(Gem Lv. 1-3 can be obtained from the Item Mall)

Sapphires, Diamonds, Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, and Agate have the same synth recipes.

Gem Lv. 1-10 + Gem Lv. 1 of the same kind*2 = Gem one level higher than the Main Item. (%chance written before synth)

Tailed Beast Hearts

Heart of Shukaku (Str+77)*3 = Heart of Shukaku+1 (Str+77, AB+37)
Heart of Nekomata (Agility+77)*3 = Heart of Nekomata+1 (Agility+77, Crit+ 28)
Heart of Isonade (Stamina+77)*3 = Heart of Isonade+1 (Stamina+77, Hit+50)
Heart of Houkou (Attack+6.6%)*3 = Heart of Houkou+1 (Attack+6.6%, Def+42)
Heart of Sokou (Speed+6.6%)*3 = Heart of Sokou+1 (Speed+6.6%, Max atk+10)
Heart of Raijuu (Hp+6.6%)*3 = Heart of Raijuu+1 (Hp+6.6%, Cons+42)

Star Stones / Star Gems / Heart Gems

Stone of Venus (AB+55, Spd+5.1%)*3 = Gem of Venus (AB+72, Spd+6.5%)
Stone of Jupiter (Dodge+44, MaxHP+5.1%)*3 = Gem of Jupiter (Dodge+52, MaxHP+6.5%)
Stone of Mars (MaxHP+61, Atk+5.1%)*3 = Gem of Mars (MaxHP+80, Atk+6.5%)
Stone of Daystar (Con+62, Str+60)*3 = Gem of Daystar (Con+75, Str+80)
Stone of Saturn (Pierce+69, Sta+60)*3 = Gem of Saturn (Pierce+75, Sta+80)
Stone of Phosperus (Def+72, Agi+60)*3 = Gem of Phosperus (Def+92, Agi+80)

Gem of Venus + Blessing Scroll*2 = Heart of Venus (AB+89, Spd+7.9%)
Gem of Jupiter + Blessing Scroll*2 = Heart of Jupiter (Dodge+60, MaxHP+7.9%)
Gem of Mars + Blessing Scroll*2 = Heart of Mars (MaxHP+99, Atk+7.9%)
Gem of Daystar + Blessing Scroll*2 = Heart of Daystar (Con+88, Str+100)
Gem of Saturn + Blessing Scroll*2 = Heart of Saturn (Pierce+88, Sta+100)
Gem of Phosperus + Blessing Scroll*2 = Heart of Phosperus (Def+112, Agi+100)

Tailed Beast Hearts, Star Stones and Blessing Scrolls can be obtained from events, or at the Urahara shop packages if available.


Anonymous Namecard + 1s/2s*2 = Hand Grenade
Hand Grenade + 2s*2 = Demon Proof of Suppression (30%)
Hand Grenade + Enchantment Stone (any level)*2 = Demon Proof of Suppression (90% if not 100%)
Hand Grenade + Gem of Justice*2 = Demon Proof of Suppression (95% if not 100%)

EXP Marks / Seals

Food (with Synth Value 21) + 1s*2 = Exp Mark(Exp x 1.6) (100%)
Exp Mark*3 = Random Food (with Synth Value 32)
Food (with Synth Value 32) + 1s*2 = Exp Seal (Exp x 2.0) (95% if not 100%)

*Foods =/ pet foods. Foods(21SV) that gives stat within a time limit. Can be obtained from the Feather Shop at the Pet Kennel
*Food(32SV) can be bought in the Item Mall under the Food tab

Quest-related Item

Anonymous Namecard x 3 = Anonymous Namecard Folder


Konoha Arcanum(Movement Points +5) + 1s*2 = Toad Arcanum (Movement Points + 10)
Toad Arcanum*3 = Sakura's Special Potion (Movement Points + 20)

Re-rolling Pet food
Pet food + 1s*2 = Random Pet food
Pet food + Anonymous Namecard*2 = Random Pet food

Do this to obtain high Satiety Value pet food from Low Satiety Value pet foods.
Ex. Reroll Weed(5 Sat.) to Pizza(180 Sat.)

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