Pockie Ninja II Original Guide: Pet System

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In Pockie Ninja II Original, pet is a good partner when you're in a fierce battle. A good pet can be used in various ways to assist you.

Get Pet

Ways to find pets:

First of all, you'll receive a Sunflower when you're doing the tutorial. Simply follow the tutorial and newbie quest, you'll be able to get the pet.

Pet Eggs are sold in the mall. You can buy pet egg and pet egg gift box to get random unbound pet. One pet egg contains one pet while one pet egg gift box contains 10 pet eggs.

The most useful way to obtain pets is from the Defense Against the Tailed Beast event, which starts at 8PM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can get pets by: 1. Defeat tailed beasts for low quality pets; 2. Redeem pets with feathers. Note: feather can be obtained from honor ranking.

Raise Pet

The ultimate goal of raising a pet is to let the pet learn various pet skills. You can only raise pet in Pet Kennel.

Put the pet into Pet Kennel, choose pet food accordingly to start. Higher level pet takes longer time to raise. When the Satiety level reaches the upper limit, the pet will learn a random skill.

If you're lucky enough to get a Pet Skill Book, you can put your pet into Pet Kennel and use the skill book as food so that the pet can learn the skill successfully.

Initially, +0 pet has skill slot and will get one more slots every 3 levels. You can also use stones to open more slots.


Pet Skill Lock

Pet skills can be obtained by feeding the pet. During skill discovery or learning, if you want to keep an existing skill, you have to use the skill lock to lock the skill to avoid it being replaced.

You can buy a Pet Skill Lock with 28 gold in the mall. Skill Lock can lock 2 skills at most. To lock the first skill needs one Pet Skill Lock, to lock the second skill needs 2 Pet Skill Locks.

Pet Skill

Put the pet into Pet Kennel and feed it. When satiety is full, you can click Discover button to let your pet discover skills. Pet Skill is divided into 3 types: Aura, Assist, Passive. Pet will greatly increase your combat ability after having skills.

Upgrade Pet

Pets can be synthesized to level up. Put the pet into the Synthesis Slot, make sure Synth Stone is in the bag, and click "Synthesize" to upgrade. The synthesis chance gets lower as the pet level goes higher.

Pet skill increases with pet level. Every 3 levels up will grant you an opportunity to add another Pet Skill Slot.

Currently, the pet is available to be synthesized into +27 and can evolve forms in +9 and +18 phases.



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