Pockie Ninja II Original Guide: Bloodline Limit

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In Pockie Ninja II Original, as every Bloodline Limit has its own basic stats, different Bloodline Limit tends to excel in different aspect of abilities. Players with orange outfits can activate the secret technique of Bloodline Limit when all the attached Bloodsoul reach V.

Get Bloodline

Ninja House, a place for ninjas to rest, is scattered in all scenes. You can teleport a ninja via shortcut button to the specific Ninja House.

You must meet 2 requirements to interact with a ninja: 1. Reach your level to the required level. 2. Prove your ability: complete the required floors in the Las Noches.

Qualifying players can hand in the Scroll of Seals to raise Friendliness and inherit the ninjas' Bloodline Limit when Friendliness reaches the cap.

About Bloodsoul

You can improve Bloodline Limit's ability by attaching bloodsouls, but there's a level limitation on attaching bloodsoul. Once attached, bloodsoul can be cleared or taken down by Soulsplit Blade. After clearing, the bloodsoul will vanish.

You can discover free bloodsoul for some times every day and can also choose to pay to discover bloodsoul. Between 2 discoveries is the cooldown.

There are many types of bloodsoul with different stats. You can get a different type of bloodsoul in the same level by refining.

3 identical bloodsouls can be synthesized into a higher level one of the same type. If one of the three bloodsouls is different from the others, it'll randomly synthesize a higher level bloodsoul.

Pray Bloodline

Select the Bloodline Limit, the stat and the Pray material bloodsoul, each of which can only be prayed one stat;

Pray Bloodline requires Bloodsoul and raises the EXP of the Pray stat. Bloodline's Pray level will increase when Pray EXP reaches upgrade requirement. Each Bloodline can be prayed to lv.20 at most. Stacked Cooldown time shall not exceed 120 Mins at most.

While switching Bloodline's stat, it'll clear the pray stat's EXP;

Clear Stone can clear Bloodline's Pray Level and EXP to 0.

Forget Bloodline

Select Bloodline Limit you wish to forget in the Bloodline Limit tab and click Forget (Before forgetting, please drop the Bloodline Limit and all Bloodsouls attached). All Scroll of Seals paid will return to you after forgetting Bloodline Limit.



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