Bankai System Hints & Tips for Pockie Ninja II Original

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NGames provides advice on using the Zanpakuto Bonus system for its Naruto and Bleach MMO

NGames, a leading online publisher, has today revealed hints and tips for best using the intricate Bankai Sytem in Naruto and Bleach inspired browser-based brawler, Pockie Ninja II Original.

The introduction of the Bankai System in Pockie Ninja II Original has allowed players to grow stronger and utilize more tactical options than ever before. The many methods of matching up Zanpakuto - the devasting soul cutter swords from Bleach - with Soul Crystals has been a hot topic of discussion amongst players. To help ninjas in their quest to become as strong as possible, NGames has released some tips and tricks on how to best use the system.

Pockie Ninja II Original features 3 forms of Zanpakuto to aid ninjas in battle; Zangetsu, Senbonzakura and Hyōrinmaru, each offering different bonuses. Players can only unlock the later Zanpakuto when their previous one reaches a certain level and each upgraded Zanpakuto provides players with greater attribute bonuses and more crystal slots.

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When players unlock the Bankai system, they are limited to 1 Zangetsu. To get more, players need to earn Zanpaku to level up Zanpakuto. Zanpaku can be obtained from clan events, including Ninjutsu Class, Ninjutsu Garden and Protect Garden. All you need to do is join a clan!

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In addition to providing basic attribute bonuses, Zanpakuto can be made more powerful by attaching Soul Crystals to them. Soul Crystals are obtained from the Soul Crystal Forge Masters in the Soul Society. The five forge masters each have a different specialty, so players wanting to specialise their weaponry should consider sticking with one or two masters. But remember - higher level forge masters have a better chance of forging a higher quality soul crystal. In the beginning, only the lowest level forge master is available, though it's possible to unlock higher level masters for each specialty of crystal forging.

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Soul Crystals gain EXP and level up by devouring other crystals, but that this won't change its quality. As such, it's always important to try to select high quality crystals for leveling up.

There is much to discover in the Bankai System, with different combinations of Zanpakuto and Soul Crystals resulting in wildly different weapons and effect. Careful experimentation can yield surprising, powerful result.

Pockie Ninja II Original is a thrilling, completely free-to-play Naruto and Bleach MMORPG. Everybody is welcome to sign up and join the anime inspired fun now:

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About Pockie Ninja II Original

Published by NGames, Pockie Ninja II Original brings a significant advancement over 2011's smash hit, Pockie Ninja. The Naruto and Bleach MMO sequel is available in two versions – a dedicated standalone version, and a patched version rolled out over Pockie Ninja.

Pockie Ninja II Original features a massive new free-roaming world; thousands of updated quests and storylines; stunning new locations and graphics powered by the advanced engine 2.0; updated combat and clan systems; Zanpakuto blades; angelic wings; and much, much more.



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