Pockie Ninja Guide: Outfit Recast

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Pockie Ninja

Account: cryptspawn
(Facebook) Server: S15
Character name: CryptSpawn

What Does Recast Outfit do?
-It changes the value of Strength , Agility and Stamina of your suit while the level and grade of your out fit is unchanged.

How to Recast Outfit?

-First Open Your Backpack.
-Click Synthesize

Pockie Ninja Recast Outfit Guide

-A window will pop-up that looks like this

Pockie Ninja Recast Outfit Guide

-Click the Recast Tab
(additional: have you notice the new look of the Synthesize tab)

-Now you will see the Recast Window Like this.

Pockie Ninja Recast Outfit Guide

-put any suit that you wished to recast on the left box
-put a recast talisman on the small box or use 8 gold
-then click Start Recast

Stat of my suit before Recasting (Actually i've already recast it once)

Pockie Ninja Recast Outfit Guide and the Result >> Pockie Ninja Recast Outfit Guide

Okay, Just to clear it up. A un-recasted Hollowfied Ichigo+11 stats is (140 str,140 agi ,140 stamina). The 1st Ho-ichi Screenshot above is already been recasted once. And the 2nd one is the 2nd time.
I've recast my suit resulting with 1 gold stat. when recasting a suit the stats wont DECREASE more than the original stats of the suit. in my case it wont decrease below 140.

Where To Get Recast Talsman?

  • Slot Machine
  • Mystery Merchant sells one for 1g ea.
  • Outdoor Explorations
Note: Skill level means the effect of an outfit's release skill:
  • (level 1)Basic 5% = Gray Outfit
  • (level 2)Expert 10% = Blue Outfit
  • (level 3)Master 15% = Orange Outfit
  • (level 4)Pioneer 20% = Orange Outfit with 2 Golden Stats
  • (level 5)Sage 30% = Orange Outfit with 3 Golden Stats
  • The max value of an outfit is the original value +0.3.
  • Upgrade an outfit will not affect the regenerated value.
  • this means. if you upgrade a recasted outfit, it will not affect the stats.
  • and the golden stats wont be removed.

Example Of a Orange Outfit with 2 & 3 Golden Stats:

Pockie Ninja Recast Outfit Guide
2 Gold   

Pockie Ninja Recast Outfit Guide
3 Gold




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