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The closed beta test of Pockie Kingdom has just kicked off and it will last seven days till January 22, 2014. Set in the middle ages of Europe, the new game is a side-scrolling MMO strategy game where players embark on a wonderful journey, raising heroes and troops to battle against the evil.

The background story of the game is sort of a cliché you may have already seen for a thousand times. And simply neglecting it will not hinder your further involvement into the game as a whole.

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There are two types of forces you can employ in battle: Heroes and Soldiers, both of which fall in 8 unique classes. Each class can be restricted by another class, for example, Swordsman restricts Lancer, Lancer restricts Cavalry, Cavalry restricts Swordsman, Assassin restricts long range classes, and so on and so forth. Properly using the restrictions can help you gain the upper hand in battle.

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The most distinct difference between Heroes and Soldiers lies in that one hero can only be deployed once in a battle, while a type of soldier can be recruited more than once as long as you have the morale required to deploy one. The morale will recover over time.

With multiple choices of heroes and soldiers, it is then your task and choice to find their best matches. Before each battle starts or ends, you can freely adjust battle array and strategy. And that’s where the true fun of this game lies.


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Players will never get bored in this game, as there are many other interesting systems to dive in, such as equipment development system, multiple combat systems, player interaction system, and so on.

This closed beta is only a technical test and all players data will be wiped out afterwards. But if you are a strategy fan, you cannot go wrong with just giving it a shot.



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