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Hero Introduction

Heroes in Pockie Kingdom can be divided into 8 types according to their combat styles and skills. A proper collocation and arrange of heroes may get you more advantages on battlefield.


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Swordsmen possess great defense, HP, and can absorb most incoming damage, which make them the front-line heroes

Swordsman Skills:

Guardian (Normal Swordsman): + 2% Defense, - 1% Attack

Revolt (Outstanding Swordsman): When the incoming damage is greater than 5% of swordsman’s max HP, then the damage received will reduce by 40%

Barrier (Superior Swordsman): Form a shield to absorb 300 points incoming damage

Blade Armo (Epic Swordsman): When getting attacked, it can renounce 20% damage to the attacker

Shield Wall (Mythos Swordsman): Each time when receiving attack, it can reduce the damage taken by 15%


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Archers can deal the greatest damage to the single target, since they have the greater Crit rate. However, they require the most protection. Under the protection of swordsmen, they can deal continuous damage to the foes.

Archer Skills:

Quick Shoot (Normal Archer): + 1% Attack, + 1% Attack Speed

Fatal (Outstanding Archer): +10% Crit rate, this effect can be stacked with other buffs, it can increase the crit up to 50%

Eagle Eye (Superior Archer): + 30% Attack range (up to 100%)

Snipe (Epic Archer): Raises the attack by 20% after crit, lasts for 2 secs

Devil Arrow (Mythos Archer): Normal attack can trigger the devil arrow, when enemy's HP is lower than 10%, there is 5% chance to hit and kill the enemy

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Lancers are skilled at using close-range attacks, and can attack a group of enemy. They are very capable of breaking the foes’ battle array, as they possess the unique skill: puncture

Lancer Skills:

Tenacity (Normal Lancer): Raises lancer’s HP and attack by 1%

Smite (Outstanding Lancer): There is 15% chance to beat away the enemy after normal attack. That beats the enemy 60 yards away

Puncture (Superior Lancer):It is triggered by the normal attack that attacks 3 enemies within the range of 60 yards, dealing 80% damage to the enemy.

Hack(Epic Lancer): Hacks the enemy, when their HP drops by45% each time. That deals 80% damage to the enemy within the range of 20 yards (can attack up to 5 enemies)

Pounce (Mythos Lancer): Attacks the enemies in a straight line, dealing 40% damage to each target and 50% damage to the ranged enemies.

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Cavaliers’ movement speed and attack speed is very quick. Cavaliers can inflict the knockback effect to the target unit, which may help player to suppress the enemies.

Cavalier Skills:

Will (Normal Cavalier): +1% Attack, +1% Movement Speed

Pursue (Outstanding Cavalier): Deals 10% extra damage after each attack

Rush (Superior Cavalier): +20% attack speed and movement speed, this effect can be stacked with other duffs

Knight's Glory (Epic Cavalier):One cavalier soldier in your ally can raise the cavalier heroes’ attack by 2%(up to 20%), while the Lancer Soldier has the opposite effect, which can reduce the cavalier heroes’ attack by 3%

Dragon's Impact (Mythos Cavalier): Smites the current target with brute force, causing 120%damage. The great impact force hits the current target and all enemies in the range of 120 yards away by 60 yards

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Mages possess several control and survival skills. They can cast deadly magic spells upon a group of enemy.

Mage Skills:

Awake (Normal Mage): +1% attack, -20% melee damage received

Frost (Outstanding Mage): There is a 30% chance that frost will be triggered after normal attack. That reduces target's attack speed and movement speed by 20% (can be added up to 40%)

Blizzard (Superior Mage):Causes 80% damage to the target within the attack range. And deals double damage to the target who is in the state of frost or wrath of winter

Big Snowball (Epic Mage): When mage receives melee damage, they can create a big snowball to draw the targets into it and roll forward by 400 yards. Finally, when the snowball breaks, it causes 10% damage to each target.

Wrath of Winter (Mythos Mage): There is a 20% chance to freeze the target and 2 nearby units for 3 secs after normal attack, dealing 30% damage to the target unit

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Besides the three core classes (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu) and a plethora of Chakra-powered active and passive abilities, every character in Pockie Kingdom has their own unique, special skill to unleash in battle, such as Itachi's mind-controlling Tsukuyomi and Orichimaru deadly Reanimation. Players wanting to take advantage of them all can switch between characters using the Transformation function, allowing them to embody a new character for up-to an hour before switching back.

Used correctly, Transformation can be the difference between a win and a loss in battle, and players will want to familiarise themselves with as many characters as possible to gain the upper-hand. Who knows, one character may possess the ability needed to finish off an otherwise impossible opponent!



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