Pockie Kingdom Combat Guide

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Combat Units

Soldier Type

Soldiers can be divided into Swordsman, Archer, Lancer, Cavalry, Mage, Assassin, Maceman, Gunner, leader, and others based on the class type.

Players can quest to unlock Swordsman, Archer, Lancer, and Cavalry. Other soldiers will unlock as the map advances and kingdom develops!

Pockie Kingdom

Soldier Advancement

Players can spend souls to advance soldiers: Teutonic Soldier→Carthage Soldier→Rome Soldier→Viking Soldier→Gothic Soldier. As the rank increases, the soldier’s stats will be greatly boosted and appearance changed. Take the Cavalry as the example:

Pockie KingdomPockie KingdomPockie KingdomPockie Kingdom Pockie Kingdom Pockie Kingdom

Soldier Level

Soldier level automatically increases with the king level and in turn boosts the solder stats.


Hero’s classes are restricted, so do the soldiers.

Swordsman restricts Lancer. Lancer restricts Cavalry. Cavalry restricts Swordsman. Assassin restricts long range classes and close combat classes restrict Assassin.

Properly using the restrictions can gain the upper hand.



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