Pockie Defense Special System Guide: Fundraising & Enhancement

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This post  will show you all about the Fundraising and Enhancement of special system in Pockie Defense.



Enhance attribute of equipment by consuming certain silver. Please note that enhancement has a success rate. The success rates are different in different periods. Go to enhance your equipment if the rate is 100%. In addition, enhancement has cooling time. But you can consume Speed-Up Amulet to speed enhancement. And you can retrieve the silver you have consumed by demoting the level of equipment that you don’t need to use.

Star Upgrade:

Star Upgrade is only used for the S Equipment. If you have the S Equipment, you can increase the attribute by Enhancement and Star Upgrade. Star Upgrade will consume relevant equipment as the upgrading materials. So if you want to have powerful attribute, don’t forget to collect all the materials.



Fundraising is the main source of money—“Silver” in game. Fundraising will increase with the rising level of adventurers. Fundraising can be divided into Normal Fundraising and Levy.Normal Fundraising has cooling time. Speed-Up Amulet is required if want to completefundraising once. Levy doesn’t have cooling time. But it needs consume one Levy Order. The demanded quantity of Levy Order will increase with the rising number of Levy.



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