Pockie Defense Special System Guide: Exploration & Scuffle

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This post will show you all about the exploration and scuffle of special system in Pockie Defense.



You can collect various props and equipment by exploration. It can be divided into Outside, Inside and Core:

  • Outside: Need consume one Exploration Token C. You can get good equipment and a part of precious props.
  • Inside: Need consume one Exploration Token B and reach VIP1. You can get better equipment and partner puzzles.
  • Core: Need consume one Exploration Token A and reach VIP5. You can get rare equipment and partner puzzles.




Scuffle is a platform where players can fight each other. Players can fight with other players with similar levels. The

winner will receive lots of EXP and Prestige. Preparations before starting battle:

  • 1. Select appropriate partners. Nine partners can go out to fight at most at later stage.
  • 2. Select appropriate artifacts. Artifacts can increase all partners’ attributes. Five artifacts at most can be equipped.





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