Pockie Defense Complete Guide: Character

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This guide is about the character in Pockie Defense, including class, attribute, skill, equipment and so on. Hope it can do some help for your gaming.

Introduction of Class

Attribute of Character


  • Each partner has 4 attributes. Attack and HP will be increased with the growing character.
  • Attack: Valid in PVE and PVP; Increase the damage of character and TD.
  • Speed: Valid in PVE and PVP; Increase attack speed of character and TD.
  • Range: Valid in PVE; Increase attack range of TD.
  • HP: Valid in PVE; Increase max life.
  • In addition, the quality of character can be divided into 5 levels. Level S is the most excellent, D is the most weak and so on. Character’s attribute can be affected by the class. Different classes will have different effects on the different attributes.

Skill of Character


  • Skill in game is called magic. Different characters have different magic which plays important role to the battle.
  • Skill can be divided into Instance Skill and Battle Skill Instance Skill can be used in the game of TD. This skill with range effect has effective hit to the invasive monsters.
  • Battle Skill plays an important role in the battle of players. It can increase the ATK and reduce opponents’ speed. But this skill is probabilistic. Hope the god blesses you to be the winner.

Introdution of Equipment

There are six kinds of equipment can be selected by characters:


  • Weapon: Increase ATK;
  • Helmet: Increase ATK and range;
  • Ornament: Not open;
  • Glove: Increase ATK and speed;
  • Suit: Increase HP;
  • Necklace: Increase speed and HP.

In addition: Equipment has different ranks. From low to high: White Equipment—Green Equipment—Blue

Equipment—Red Equipment –Golden Equipment. The stage will drop equipment shards. So it is important to challenge previous stages. Besides, equipment’s quality can be promoted by enhancement and Star Upgrade.



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