Planet War Guide: Technology

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Planet War

Planet War

Techs include Military Techs and Producing Techs. Military Tech will increase the attack and defense of the fleet. Producing Tech will increase the resource production rate, troop types and building upgrade speed.

The development of both Techs requires Star Coins.

I Research Center

Planet War

Research center is the place you research your Techs. The level of Research Center determines the types and max level of Techs you can develop.

Each mothership can only research one Military Tech and one Producing Tech concurrently. A tech cannot be researched by other motherships when being researched.

At the research interface, highlighted ones are Techs you can research currently, and others are the ones you need to meet their requirements to unlock.

II Military Techs

Planet War

Light Weapon can increase the fleet's attack against battleplanes by 2% after each upgrade.

Small Weapon can increase the fleet’s attack against frigates by 3% after each upgrade.

Medium Weapon can increase the fleet's attack against medium ships by 4% after each upgrade.

Heavy Weapon can increase the fleet's attack against capital ships by 7.5% after each upgrade.

Light Armor can increase battleplanes' defense by 10 after each upgrade.

Small Armor can increase frigates and destroyers' defense by 15 after each upgrade.

Medium Armor can increase medium ships' defense by 20 after each upgrade.

Heavy Armor can increase capital ships' defense by 30 after each upgrade.

Flagship Construction reduces the fuel consumption for constructing flagships by 1% after each upgrade.

Flagship Defense can increase flagships' defense by 1% after each upgrade.

Siege Firepower can increase the attack against Defensive Emplacements by 2% after each upgrade.

Fixed Defense can increase Defensive Emplacements' defense by 20 after each upgrade.

III Producing Techs

Planet War

Basic Engineering improves mother ship's construction speed by 1% every level.

Advanced Engineering adds one mother ship every level.

Storage Management enlarges the max resource storage space by 1% every level.

Metal Gathering increases metal yield by 2% every level.

Crystal Gathering increases crystal yield by 2%.

Fuel Gathering increases fuel yield by 2%.

Efficient Fuel Application reduces the fleet's fuel consumption by 1% every level.

Light Workshop Tech increases types of producible battleplanes and small ships.

Heavy Workshop Tech increases types of producible medium ships and capital ships.

Docking Tech increases types of producible flagships.

Transportation enlarges the max transportable resources by 10% every time.

Pushing Tech increases the army's movement speed by 2% every level.

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