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Priests are regarded as the class with the lowest damage compared to other classes in Pet Forest. Below is a guide made by Aegis in the official forum which talks about priest building. It explains the stat and attributes of priest, the paths of priest, and the choice of priest pets. A good guide for the newbie priests of Pet Forest. Check below:

Semi - Comprehensive Priest Guide

By Aegis on the official forum

Priests are regarded as the class with the lowest damage compared to other classes. But what they lack in power, they make up with healing and support. This is what makes priests so unique. So let us start by looking at how each stat point will increase each attribute for a priest.

Stat Distribution and Attributes

PA: Physical Attack
PD: Physical Defense
MA: Magic Attack
MR: Magic Resistance
PC: Physical Critical
MC: Magic Critical
Acc: Accuracy

Pet Forest Priest Stats and Attributes
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As you can see, Priests will be focusing mainly on INT or SPR. I’ll go into further on which stats you should be placing points into later in this guide.

Basic Skill: Heal

As a priest, you will begin with two magic spells (one holy and one dark spell) and a healing spell. The general formula for the amount you can heal is:

[ Sacred/Holy damage X Skill Recovery Power / 100 ] + Base HP recovery

Take for example, your Holy damage is 900. Then,

Lv5 Devotion: Basic recovery value 1000, recovery power 170.
[ 900 X 170 / 100 ] + 1000 = 2530 HP healed

Lv5 Self Regeneration: Basic recovery value 1000, recovery power 40 (each 4 secs for 55secs).
[ 900 X 40 / 100 ] = 360 Hp recovery each 4 seconds. (+1000 HP when the skill is first used AKA 0 second)

Total HP healed (after 55secs) = 1500 + (360 X 13) = 6180 HP

The Path of a Priest

Priests can follow two different paths or training: The Dark Tree or The Holy Tree.

Priests that follow the Dark Tree are known as Dark Priests and Priests that follow the Holy Tree are known as Holy Priests. After reborn is out, players may decide to become Hybrids, which would include skills from both the Dark and Holy Trees.

Note: Reborn is not yet available in Pet Forest, therefore becoming a hybrid early on will mean you won't have enough talent points to reach one ultimate skill on either talent tree.

Dark Priest

Attack Build:
Dark priests are known to be battle priests because of this build. This build focuses on the Damage over Time (DOT spells of the Dark Tree). These skills include: Abyss, Shadow Trap, Dark Devour, Grief Indulgence, Nightmare, Link of Terror. Unlike their Holy counterparts, Dark Priests spells do not have much power but compensate for that by damaging the enemy little by little over a period of time.

Anti-Buff Build:
The Dark counterpart to a Holy Priest’s Buff Build, the Dark Priest’s Anti-Buff build focuses weakening the enemy’s attack power. These skills include: Life, Shadow Trap, Weakness, Slow, Nightmare, Chaos. Not many regard this build to be useful because at lower levels, there is really no use for anti-buffing weak monsters. However, when combined with other builds at higher levels and after reborn is released, it shows potential. By slowing the enemy’s action speed, you can get your spell to hit first, which is important in this Turn based game. Add on the effects of decreasing enemy damage by % and critical hit means they can well be a force to reckon with in PvP.

Stat Allocation:
People becoming dark priests, plan to become battle priests. As such, they will focus on the Attack Build. Due to the spell Dark Devour increasing Magic Criticals, Dark Priests are better off prioritizing their points into SPR to better increase their magic criticals. SPR will also have the additive effect of increasing magic resistance, which would better reduce magic damage along with the dark spell Chaos. After Reborn, you may want to become a Full Dark Priest (or Battle Priest). This would mean you are focusing on getting both attack and anti-buff builds.

Holy Priest

Heal Support Build:
This is what makes priest who they really are. Healing is the only skill bestowed upon priests, making them unique to other classes. This build focuses on survival for the individual as well as the party. These skills include: Bless, Self Regeneration, Divine Touch, Oracle Protection, Revive, Holy Blessing. This build has no attack spells whatsoever. Its main focus is to heal. What makes this build so popular among priests, is the spell Oracle Protection, which protects the priest from all harm (except a dark priest’s DOT spell) for a period of time and Holy Blessing, which heals the entire party’s HP.

Buff Support Build:
The counterpart of a Dark Priest’s Anti-Buff Build. This build focuses on enhancing the individual’s or the party’s attack power (physical and magic) at the cost of reducing physical defense and magic resistance. Sounds bad to reduce defenses, but remember this build also has some healing spells which can compensate for the increase damage taken. These skills include: Holy Protection, Self Regeneration, Divine Calm, Sacred Seal, Revive, Holy War. Self Regeneration is a particularly unique healing spell in that it will Heal over Time (HOT), the opposite effect of DOT. This is especially useful for the reduced defense from Buffing. This build is also useful at higher levels when enemy defenses become increasingly high and the need for extra power to overcome it.

Stat Allocation: Because heal is based on the priest’s holy damage and holy damage increases as INT increases, Holy Priests prioritize allocating points into INT. SPR may be useful for a more balanced type priest, but for those who want to maximize healing power, INT is a priority. Although, INT holy priests do not have as high a magic resist as Dark Priests, they are better able to survive due to their healing spells.
After Reborn, you may want to become a Full Holy Priest (or Full Support Priest). This would mean you are focusing on getting both healing and buff support builds.

Pet Forest Wallpaper
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