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Pet Forest

This is a full guide for priests in Pet Forest, submited by Aegis (Tenshimahou – Breeze Coast Server) via our Writer Club.

Priests are regarded as the class with the lowest damage compared to other classes in Pet Forest. But what they lack in power, they make up with healing and support. This is what makes priests so unique. So let us start by looking at how each stat point will increase each attribute for a priest.


Stat Distribution and Attributes


PA: Physical Attack
PD: Physical Defense
MA: Magic Attack
MR: Magic Resistance
PC: Physical Critical
MC: Magic Critical
Acc: Accuracy

As you can see, Priests will be focusing mainly on INT or SPR. I’ll go into further on which stats you should be placing points into later in this guide.


As a priest, you will begin with two magic spells (one holy and one dark spell) and a healing spell. The general formula for the amount you can heal is:

[ Sacred/Holy damage X Skill Recovery Power / 100 ] + Base HP recovery

Take for example, your Holy damage is 900. Then,

Lv5 Devotion: Basic recovery value 1000, recovery power 170.
[ 900 X 170 / 100 ] + 1000 = 2530 HP healed

Lv5 Self Regeneration: Basic recovery value 1000, recovery power 40 (each 4 secs for 55secs). 
[ 900 X 40 / 100 ] = 360 Hp recovery each 4 seconds. (+1000 HP when the skill is first used AKA 0 second)

Total HP healed (after 55secs) = 1500 + (360 X 13) = 6180 HP

The Path of a Priest

Priests can follow two different paths of training: The Dark Tree or The Holy Tree.

Priests that follow the Dark Tree are known as Dark Priests and Priests that follow the Holy Tree are known as Holy Priests. After reborn is out, players may decide to become Hybrids, which would include skills from both the Dark and Holy Trees.

Note: Reborn is not yet available in Pet Forest , therefore becoming a hybrid early on will mean you won’t have enough talent points to reach one ultimate skill on either talent tree.

Pet Forest Wallpaper
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