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Pearl Herones

Pearl Heroes is a free MMORPG that is available to play online via your Flash-enabled browser. Based on the highly-successful Pearl Three Kingdoms mobile game in China, it represents the company’s first foray into the world market. It is a free-to-play game, with items available for purchase within the game. When logining in the game, you may experience lots of fun. Here is the guide in detail below:

Faction Types:

There are three factions players can choose to join in the game world, they are “Wei”, “Shu”, “Wu”. While in different major cities and raid areas, players will take different quests and meet different NPC and monsters. So it’s definitely worth choosing a character of different faction to try those varieties, besides the scenery of the game is so good that you don’t want to miss any part. There is nearly no faction imbalance in the game, so don’t worry about that. Just open the page, choose different factions, and enjoy yourself.

Pearl Herones

The first elimination quest:

Players can take an elimination quest. Taking the mission and arriving at the specific location, you will find your target. Move the cursor to the target, then there will appear a sword icon, double click to make a general attack, and players also can launch a special attack by using the skills on the hotkey bar.

The first collection quest:

Players may get collection quest from NPCs. In that case, they should get close to the target items, moving the cursor, then players can see a hand icon on the screen, and double click the mouse to start to collect.

The first mount:

When players leave the starting area, they will have a mount quest; it is highly recommended that players should choose the mount matching their professions. After accomplishing the quest, players can press “H” to check the mount panel, where they can feed, get on, get off the mount, etc. When the pet’s food gauge drops to zero, players have to feed it, and mounts food can be bought from the grocery.

The first buddy:

When you see other players near you, it’s easy to add him to your friends list by clicking his character and choosing the “make friend” option, then press the “F” to see your friend list to chat with him or invite him to join the guild or even email him. Players can also add foes in the same way.

Pearl Herones

Character Attributes:

After players create character, they can get some quests from NPC in the starting area. Accomplishing them, they can level up around 4. When you walk out of the starting area, you will have available attributes points, and you can open the character panel to check them. They are bonus points for players to arrange to the attributes they intend to. Each leveling up, there will be new points, and make sure you confirm to save it after the points arrangement.

There are four attributes of the game character: Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Stamina.

  • Strength: Increase the physical damage.
  • Intelligence: Increase the mana and magic damage.
  • Agility: Increase the critical and dodge rate.
  • Stamina: Increase the health.

Recommendation for the points arrangement:
  • Warrior: strength or stamina
  • Assassin: agility
  • Wizard: intelligence
  • Priest: intelligence or stamina

Pearl Herones


Use the W, A, S, D keys to move around the world, or you can left click your mouse to move your character. You can also move your character with the arrow keys.


Click-to-Move is an auto-interaction feature that will allow players to do several things by using their mouse. With Click-to-Move turned on, a player can do the following:

  1. Left click on the ground to move to that location.
  2. Left click on a creature to automatically move to that creature and initiate combat.


Left-click selects objects and NPCs in the game. The mouse cursor is context-sensitive; if you move your mouse over an object that you can interact with, an icon will appear on your mouse cursor indicating the type of action that will occur if you left-click again (sword = attack, hand = collect, speech balloon = talk, etc.)


The players can initiate a general attack by double clicking the creature, or they can use an attack skill by pressing the hotkey in the Action bar/Skill bar.

  1. Action Bar

    The action bar at the bottom of the screen contains your spells, special skills, or frequently used items like HP and MP potions (which give back health and mana respectively). You can activate these by either left-clicking on them, or by typing the number corresponding to the slot of the spell or skill you wish to use. Mousing over the icons will also show you a tooltip containing the name of the spell or skill. You can also consult your spell or skill button on the Action Bar to get a full description of each skill or spell your character may have. You can re-arrange your Action Bar by clicking and dragging on the icons. You can also add new spells/skills to this bar as you receive them by dragging them from your Spell or Skill book. You can also place items in the bar for easy activation.

  2. Multiple Action Bars

    You can have multiple action bars onscreen at the same time. All you have to do is press the “up arrow” in the left edge of the action bar. Grouping, Trading, and Other Character Interaction To invite someone to a group, select them by left-clicking on them, and then left-click again on their portrait in the upper edge of the screen to bring up a menu of possible interactions with that character. Besides grouping, there are several other available options such as view the info, fight with, and transactions.

  3. Gaining New Spells & Skills

    New skills and spells are gained automatically, when you reach certain level. You can also use an skill book to learn it.

  4. Canceling Spells/Auto Shoot

    Spell casting and ranged Weapon Auto-Shots can be canceled by hitting the ESC key.

  5. Quest Objects

    Quest objects that you can interact with sparkle and display their name over the object to make them more obvious.

  6. Inspecting Other Players

    When you inspect another player, you can see their equipment, their character attributes, and PvP information. You can inspect other players by left-clicking their portrait (or their name in a chat link) and selecting the appropriate option.



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