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One of Four Emperors - Shanks

In the coming new version of Pockie Pirates, one of four emperors, the red hair Shanks arrives. You can attend activities to get this crew member card.

Pockie Pirates Shanks

Let's check how awesome he is!

Pockie Pirates Shanks

Debut of Luffy in Pockie Pirates

Luffy, the man with the Conqueror's Haki, the man who vows to become the Pirate King, the super big eater, the captain of Straw Hats, has now arrived in Pockie Priates! From now on, you can fight with Luffy side by side and taste his amazing ultimate skill, Gum-Gum Bazooka! Lucky for you, with Luffy, One Piece will be yours sooner or later!

Luffy in Pockie Pirates

Crew Luffy:

Class: Sniper, Quality: SSS, Active Skill Gum-Gum Bazooka can attack a single target at three different gears

Pockie Pirates Crew Luff

Gear 1·Jet Pistol:

Attacks a single target, deals 500% physical damage. There's a 75% chance to enter gear 2(speed+100%, physical attack+100%), and 25% chance to enter gear 3 (physical pierce+100% and immune to debuff), percentage of damage increases with character's power and agility, restores 100 Fury at the same time.

Pockie Pirates Luff

Gear 2·Jet Bullet:

Attacks a whole line of enemies. Physical damage= 400%+speed*100%. Stuns target for one round, also weakens an enemy for one round. Second gear status will deactivate after the attack

Gear 3·Bone Balloon:

attacks all enemies, dealing 300% physical damage, reduces Fury by 100. Caster will be weakened for 2 rounds. Percentage of damage increases with character's power and agility. Third gear status will deactivate after the attack

Moreover, this type of Devil Fruit user can boost physical pierce by 2%, and in the normal attack, it has a certain chance to stun target for one round.

Marco the Phoenix arrives in Pockie Pirates

New crew Marco the Phoenix arrives in Pockie Pirates new chapter 12 with amazing skills and attributes!

Marco the Phoenix is the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, who possesses the ability of Mythical Zoan fruit that is rarer than the Zoan fruit ---Phoenix Fruit. He always wears a sleepy look and speaks in an impatient tone, yet he is faithful to Whitebeard and powerful. In the later fights against Marine Admirals, Kizaru is forced to retreat and kuzan is kicked away.

Pockie Pirates Marco

In Pockie Pirates, he is an SS navigator with amazing skills and attributes. His active skill "Phoenix Flames" can reduce caster's HP by 20% to cause (1+ caster's reduced HP*0.0001) times magical damage to all enemies, and reduce target's Wisdom and Agility by 50%, lasts for 2 rounds. And the special skill "Phoenix Fruit" can restore 10% of caster's max HP before the round started; and 50% chance to revive after death, can be used only once in each battle

This strong crew will show up in AllBlue2! Take him and you won't regret it!

Cross Server Auction House

Click the button on the main interface to enter the auction house:

Pockie Pirates Auction House

Pockie Pirates Auction House

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