Outer-Core: Text-based Space Strategy Game

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Outer-core is a space themed browser based game which you can play in your web browser for free. This is a strategy space game like OGame, where you can build bases, improve it structures, build fleets, research new technologies, fight battles, make alliances, and a lot more. You start with a skeleton fleet (colony ship, corvette and scouts), use it to build your first base in an empty astro.

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With 13 different defenses, 35 different ships, 27 different structures and 19 different technologies you will never run out of things to build. Along with all this the admins are constantly adding new updates and releases to keep the game changing, there are some features make it different.

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Besides the systems that all OGame-style games should have, Outer-Core has some own featuers:

Star Bases - The most unique asset in game. Use them on asteroid fields to generate derbies, build them on or near enemy bases to give your fleet defensive opportunities. Move them to other systems or even Galaxies. Build them on same location and create a fortress.

Command Centers - the essences of any Fleet fortress. They enhance Fleet attack power, and they also give their bonus to all alliance members fleets. They also then allow for the building of commanders. Secretaries for bases and once you have empire centers, the Ministers that give bonus to entire empire.

Space Gates - create the biggest and rent them out. Charge for fleets to use your Gates and make some extra income and configure it to set it free for alliance members, or use them to move your Star bases at a much increased speed across the stars.

In Game Simulator - a key function to any attacker. Check the possible ratios, see what ships work and check possible debris to know how many recyclers to bring.

Fleets - Moving fleet has never been easier. Split your fleet into chunks, or merge them at locations. set waypoint and have them patrolling the galaxy. when moving them several destination group options are present to select from - system astro's, my bases, my space gates, alliance space gates or bookmarks. Travelling is really made easy.
Select the units tab from the fleet menu and see all ships and their specifications in your empire. select the unit and then it will show you the fleets and locations they are at, then tell them all to converge at a set destination. Fleet collection made easy.

Outer-Core Screenshots
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Cloaking - holoships. Create cloak ship too hide some of your fleet, reducing its size on scanners or use holoships to make it look bigger. Sun Tzu tactics at your finger tips. (Appear weak when you are strong, appear strong when you are weak).

Scanner system - you will find no scanner system like Outer-cores. Scan for fleets, Scan for debris or Scan from your occupations to see any in these regions. You can even scan for fleets that where detected while you were not there in the past several hours. You can even scan Astros, this will give a breakdown of all astros and bases and fleets current in regions. Limited to regions where you have bases.

Outer-Core starts it's first server in Aug. 2008 and have it's latest speed server in Feb. 2010.

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