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"OP Grand Line", a MMORPG web game, will be a closed test on Apr 22. The content of the closed test has been published recently.

1. During CB, players who login the game will receive 1000 Gold as gift.

2. During CB, if players report game-bugs on the bug area of OP Forum will receive 200 Gold on OB as reward.

OP Grand Line

However, the correct date ofCBT still not publish yet.
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The editor, I, joined the internal test couple days ago. I would like to share a little bit of my CBT experience. This game is adapted from the famous comic book, "One Piece." The biggest difference with other web games is the level system. There is no level difference in this game. The strength of player depends upon player's money reward as same as One Piece. On the quest conversation, you can hear voice. Although my bounty only achieved 240,000,000 on this test, I was a chief of pirates. However, it is a long distance to archive Luffy's 400000000. The reward will be changed according to player's progress of storyline, just like the animation. When you beat famous pirates, your wanted bounty will be increased.

OP Grand Line Screenshot
(The bounty is the symbol of strength, sympathy of men, the goal is 400,000,000!!)

There is no level system in this game, but there is a strength calculation system to help player to determine their own strengths and weaknesses. Whether upgrade the level of the equipment, the level of skills, the ability of the partners, or increasing the ability of devil fruits, will be integrated into the statistical strength calculation system. Players are able to view their statistical change through this system, if you are lazy to check your figure one by one. The figure is instant and quite accurate, some figures such as dodge looks like not included in the calculation.

OP Grand Line Screenshot
(Let's get bugs!!)

Basically, the main content of this game is following the storyline. Through storyline processing, more function will be opened. Generally, following the storyline and quests, the strength will be enhanced smoothly. Killing small monsters is able to rise up some abilities, but the effect is not obvious. I suggest that players finish other tasks first, and then set auto training before offline. However, according my experience, the character will die because of broken equipments.

OP Grand Line Screenshot
(Okay, I was wrong. I shouldn't look down rabbits.)

In addition to the main storyline, players are able to get stuff such as equipments and resources on several Quest maps in the game. Players are able to enter these Quest maps couple of times daily. Therefore, if you don't have much time to play, you won't be late gaining experience. You can enter these Quest maps alone, or with other players as a team. Player is able to choose the difficulty of each Quest map. Of course, the level of difficulty is higher, player could get better items. Since the test which I joined is an internal test, I entered Quest maps alone in most of time. The items which I get are for other career most, I was not happy about it.

OP Grand Line Screenshot
(Please drop something I can use. Or I am going to be mad!)

This game is a good game. In addition to several Quest maps, there are many activity will show up from time to time. You can play easily. The content of game is rich. However, there are some garbled texts in the game. I wish they are repaired on CBT. See you on April 22.

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