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OP Grand Line by Dyaus Game takes the very popular anime One Piece and tries to incorporate it into a viable MMORPG experience. While the game is still in beta, not all of the features are yet open to the public, but that isn't stopping me from checking out the game and seeing if it is worth following as it develops further.

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The character creation of the game is fairly simplistic which instead of giving an in depth character creator, instead has players pick a class/character combo. There are four characters to choose from, and such four classes to choose from. Since the classes are character bound, that means that you don't get much room outside of the cash shop to customize your characters looks; nor do you get to choose between male and female for your classes. The characters are from some of the main cast of the show, so fans should appreciate it, but the lack of customization does take a bit away from the experience.

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Combat in the game is fairly basic and easy to learn. For the most part it is a basic point and click with a hint of button mashing for skills. So if you have played any MMORPG in the past ten years, you know what to expect and you won't have a lot of surprises in store for you. This isn't anything negative towards it, chances are, with the casual gameplay approach that they're going with, more than likely you will do the auto-combat feature which makes progression that much easier.

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A fairly unique aspect of the game is the lack of a leveling system. Instead of leveling typically by grinding, you instead have to go through the story arch, fighting different bosses through the show/manga and that in turn upgrades your bounty and allows you to use better gear and progress through the game. Beyond that, equipment has a lot to determine how strong you are, and with the ability to upgrade gear, allows you to determine the strength of your character through upgrades and fighting bosses, rather than just mindlessly grinding for days to get that one up.

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Another is the devil fruit system, which takes the idea from the Manga/show but incorporates it in a functional MMO setting. Instead of your character getting super powers from eating a fruit, you can find fruits through, what I wouldn't call a mini game, but a luck interface, and then you can equip it to increase your characters attributes in different ways, as you progress you can equip more fruits making your character even stronger than before. A cool aspect of that is when you find fruit that you don't need, you can "swallow" it while using another fruit as a base, which will give experience to the base fruit and allow you to level it up and increase the attributes it provides. This allows you some customization in the development of your character while the game lacks a normal leveling system.

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Graphics are okay, but not the greatest. They are cute in some aspects, but the characters and pets tend to look a bit like clay figures from how they're presented. The animations are solid and the world is a very nice hand drawn style which pops a bit more than some of the others, with a rather cartoon look to them while the others had a bit more artistic, which goes more with the universe this game is in.

In general, the game is meant for fans of the show, if you watched it, you will recognize the characters and the bosses as you rise through the ranks. For players that aren't fans, the attraction to the game is limited as you won't get a lot of the reverences, and it wouldn't appeal as much. The game is a bit fun to play and with the casual aspects it makes it easier for those with a busy schedule who want something relating to an interesting universe to play in, rather attractive.

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I have been playing mmos since about 1999, and haven't stopped since, and I cannot even remember when I started console/pc gaming. I'm an avid gamer who does dive back into the real world from time to time. My all time goal is to start my own business, but that is taking a side step as I am going through college.



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