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Old Crims is a RPG Online game that takes place in the fictional town called CrimCity. This metropolis is full of delinquents. Killers, burglars, sluts are in every corner of the city. Your aim is to achieve the huger respect you would be able to make until the end of the round! Will you be able to kick some asses?

Some game features are: Assault your enemies, robbing different targets and places, equip yourself with weapons, deal drugs on the street, run criminal businesses and host drug factories, gamble at the casino or get drunk at rave partys and pub's.

CrimCity have a different time, this means that you have 4 game days in 1 real day. You can check a tiny list below, that can explain it better:

1. 1 real day - 4 game days
2. 1 real hour - 4 game hours

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Game Features


You know what? I think you are a wuss! All right..wanna prove me ya'r not? Go ahead, hunt! Beat the shit out of some motherfuckers! By the way I forgot to tell ya.. you can only hit someone you previously have met somewhere! They must have at least 200 respect and you must have 55 units of stamina to perform the assult! If you are too afraid to assault somebody alone you can create a gang and plan the attack together with the other members, but watch out if the victim is also a member of a gang you will face up the whole gang in the clash.

Hint: You can meet people in Nightclubs or Rave party.

Drug Dealer

Yo man! I'm the one who's gonna get ya anything you need! Here you can buy drugs to put in your raves or nightclubs. The drug dealer can deal with you 20 times per game day.


You can feel the pulsating bass in your stomach just being outside. But why stay outside when you can get inside, get to know some freaks. Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?

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