Odin Quest Guide: Offline Exp System

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This guide is about how to get exp while offline in Odin Quest, a new browser-based online ARPG game published by YouJoy recently.

Players enter the game, click the icon [Event] over the top right corner, choose [Benefits] and select [Login Rewards] to receive offline Exp.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Odin Quest Screenshot

How to receive:

Players can receive the offline Exp through Receive for Free, Receive with Gold and Receive with Exp Card.
1. Receive for Free: receive offline Exp*1
2. Receive with Gold: receive offline Exp*1.6
3. Receive with Exp Card: receive offline Exp*4


1. Only players above Lv10 can receive offline Exp;
2. Offline Exp is calculated after offline for 30 minutes;
3. Offline time over 720 minutes, 720 minutes in calculation.



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