Odin Quest Guide: Newbie Guide of Lv1~Lv30

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Odin Quest is a new browser-based online ARPG game published by YouJoy. If you're new to this game, you can check this guide first before playing. This will make your gaming much easier.

1. Click the monster to kill it, or click the green words with underline in "Quest Track"

Odin Quest Screenshot

2. Have an overall comprehension of each class (in official website or in the game when creating the character). It will help you a lot when selecting the class at Lv10.

Note: it cannot be changed when you select a class.Note: it cannot be changed when you select a class.

3. The system will send online rewards everyday when you first get online. As long as you are online for a certain time, the Chest over the top right corner will tends to be Claim. Click it to receive online rewards.

Odin Quest Screenshot

4. Pay attention when the dialog box pops up. It will help you a lot.

Odin Quest Screenshot

5. You can obtain 1 Skill Point every 2 levels up after Lv11. Use Skill Point to learn new skill. There are 2 ways to learn skills:

a. It'll show a sparkling SKL on the screen when there are skills to learn. Click it to open the Skill interface as shown in Figure 1.

b. Click the Skill over the lower right corner to open skill interface. Follow the arrow to learn every available skill as shown in Figure 2.

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 1

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 2

6. It'll show a sparkling SB on the screen when the Soulblade can be upgraded as shown in Figure 3. Click it to open Soulblade interface. Of course, you can click the S on SB to open the settings as shown in Figure 4.

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 3

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 4

7. The AFK system can not only farm the monsters, but also collect the dropped items.

8. The AFK system can also replenish HP and MP automatically. Pull the HP and MP from Inventory to the specific position of SB as shown in Figure 5.

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 5

9. Players can set the recovery limitation of HP and MP by sliding the slider (Figure 6), or set it in AFK settings (Figure 7).

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 6

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 7

10. Don't forget to click the sparkling icon of Mount to claim your mount when you reach Lv18.

Odin Quest Screenshot

11. Don't forget to open the Treasure Boxes when you reach Lv10, Lv20, Lv30, Lv40 and Lv50.

Odin Quest Screenshot

12. When the chat box says "XXX add you as a friend" (Figure 8), you can click this player and add him/her as your friend. Also, you can add him/her by manually input the player's name in the Friend interface.

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 8

13. Pay more attention when it shows an information icon, which is quite valuable (Figure 8).

14. Click the information icon (Figure 9) to accept the team invitation or other chat messages.

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 9

Click "TM" and then the words below it to conduct corresponding action (Figure 10).

Odin Quest Screenshot
Figure 10

15. There will be a new Daily Quest every 10 levels from Lv15. When you reach Lv15, you can take Daily Quest from NPC Brenshird in Spirit Woods to get massive Exp. Get it from NPC Wilda in Misty Swamp when Lv25.

16. The reputation materials dropped from monsters can be donated, either for Alliance Donation or Class Donation. Only players whose level reaches Lv30 and Alliance Reputation is above 1000 can take Alliance Quest. The higher the Reputation, the more bountiful the rewards. When Class Reputation reaches 1000, you can finish Goals and exchange green equips of higher level.



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