Odin Quest Guide: AFK System

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This guide is about the AFK system in Odin Quest. This game just enters closed beta phase today, if you still don't know much about the AFK system of this game, just check below:

Click the button of Soulblade below the screen to open Souldblade interface.

Odin Quest Screenshot

Odin Quest Screenshot

The orange bar below Soulblade interface is the Exp bar of Soulblade. The Skill slots of Soulblade indicate all the skills of the Soulblade. Move the mouse to display details. Pull the HP potions and MP potions to the potion slots on the Soulblade to replenish both potions in the battle. If no potions are put in the Soulblade, it won't consume any. Click A to start AFK mode, click again to end AFK. Click S to open settings interface.

Odin Quest Screenshot

The Soulblade level can be manually set in AFK settings interface as the Exp meets the conditions.

The replenishment of HP and MP of character and pet can be set in the Protection Settings. The default value is 80%.

Click Use Character Skills to open Character Skill panel, and set the Character Skills.

By default, Use Soulblade Skills and Use Character Skills are chosen.

Click Default to restore the default settings.

Click Save Settings to save the settings and close the setting interface.



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