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Ninja Saga

NS Build Simulator allows players of Ninja Saga to test out multiple build configurations and plan their character's progression. The Original Mathematical Formulas of this Simulator have been calculated and analysed by Jinchuuriki. And the Simulator has been developed and maintained by Faust and upload to Ninja Saga Wiki. Current version of NS Build Simulator: v1.

NinjaSaga Build Simulator
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Download NS Build Simulator here: NinjaSagaSimulator3.rar

About Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga is a casual ninja-themed web RPG in Japanese anime style. Experience the thrill and excitement which starts with the mission of an adolescent kid aspiring to learn the ways of the Ninja to be recognized and acknowledged by everyone as a Kage. Train intensively and increase your skills to challenge and conquer enemies and monsters in different villages. Gain the experience, sharpen your techniques and challenge your friends in battles. Be the best known Kage in the world of Ninja Saga!

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