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Ninja Saga Guide: Jounin Exam Walkthrough: Part 5

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Summary: A complete guide covers the five parts of the Jounin Exam in Ninja Saga. Mostly based on Hitogoroshi's walkthrough and we add some other video and pics to make it more clearly.

Tensai Jounin Exam Complete Walkthrough: Part 5

So in this fight you will need 2 very powerful recruits who can both take blows and dish them out, as well as give status effects...if they can't hit hard with their normal moves, hellfire and a bunch of supportive jutsus is probably the best bet here...

The breakdown of this fight is broken up into 2 segments -

The First Segment:

You will be fighting against the mighty Orochi (an alteration of Orochimaru's Hydra I think) and this part is very very easy, just bring him down to half health by keeping status effects on him at all times and then either physically hitting him or using your highest powered jutsus, you should be able to cover this part no problem...

The main issue presented here is his Multi Breath move that hits all of you for around 300 damage, not too bad however it could present a problem if say you have a partner with critical health and he is using evasion, the area of effect moves go off of the party leader only (you) so no matter what your partner's evasion is, if the area of effect hits you all of your partners get hit, so that is really all you need to watch out for, onward!

The Second Segment:

This is where the fight really picks up, two enemies, Kyotaro (Hidan) and Modu [sp?] (Kakuzu) will join the fight and they are each level 60, DO NOT FOCUS YOUR DAMAGE ON EITHER OF THEM, the quest is to kill the Orochi, not the S-Class criminals, Shin even gives you a warning by telling you "focus on the Orochi no matter the circumstance" and I think it would be wise to follow his guidance.

Anyways, this fight is very hard just based on the fact that you can get surprised by a hard hitting jutsu, the main person you need to watch out for is Kyotaro because he can hit up to 800 (without crit) on a single hit on one opponent quite frequently, and although his damage is similar to the Orochi's damage, the Orochi's damage is spread (300 to each partner), the damage caused by 700+ to one person is much harder to fix then 300 to 3 different onces.

As for strategy there really is not much that you can do, applying a fixed method will do you nothing but get you killed, you need to be able to adapt to the situation and make the most out of what seems like certain doom. Make sure you pack a lot of scrolls and are very familiar with your team mates and you should be fine. Congrats on being a tensai jounin!!!!

Additional Video:

Ninja Saga Tensai Jounin Exam Part 5 by amvtop10

So I will post these in the order of hardest test -> easiest test...the hardest test was by far part 2, the sheer amount of time it took to come up with a strategy to implement was insane, as well as the luck factor, you could be unlucky at any point and get hit by a strong damaging move and be dead and have to start all the way over...the next hardest part was part 4, this was pretty hard but if you are familiar with your teammates and know proper strategy on how to keep the strongest enemy down as you take out the weaker ones this one was not that bad...very close behind part 4 was part 5, I could have very easily been killed by an unlucky critical hit by Kyotaro or even if one of them had targetted a different ninja, all in all this part was pretty tough as well...next in difficulty was part 3, this was a very fun puzzle that gave us a nice twist to the jounin exam...the easiest was part 1, just a nice warm up to get your brain going and teach you to be resourceful...

Well, that is the end of my guide, I hope it has helped each and every one of you out there to become Tensai Jounin, and even if it hasn't I hope it has in some way helped you better yourself and your character...thanks for reading, if you have any questions please feel free to post them at the end and I will try to get to it ASAP

Thanks again all and I will be updating this every once in a while if something comes up that I think will be helpful

THANKS, and GOOD LUCK in your future endeavors!!

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