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Ninja Saga Guide: Jounin Exam Walkthrough: Part 3

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Summary: A complete guide covers the five parts of the Jounin Exam in Ninja Saga. Mostly based on Hitogoroshi's walkthrough and we add some other video and pics to make it more clearly.

Tensai Jounin Exam Complete Walkthrough: Part 3

Part 3 is a puzzle to measure your analytical skills, you have to live up the name of genius if you want the title of genius jounin (tensai) you have to break the seals in order to move on to the next seal and the seals are tough if you have no background in puzzle solving...

Locations of the runes:

the first seal I found was straight north 3 screens, you don't have to fight the enemies if you don't want to...then after you unlock that rune you travel south two screens and west one screen to get to the third rune...after you break that rune you must travel East one screen and then South 4 screens...from there after you unlock that one, travel North twice, and East once to get to the final rune.

Strategy to take them out:

Here is how the green and yellow markers work, say for example we need to guess 3 kekkai in the right order, we will give them each a number, 1-6...say you guess 4-3-1 and get 1 green and 1 yellow, that means one of the kekkai, 1 is the right kind in the right spot, and 1 of them is the right kind but in the wrong spot...so then we guess 4-1-3 and get 0 green and 2 yellow, we then know that the correct combo has to be SOMETHING-3-4, then you can go through and guess the kekkai until you get the right one.

NOTE: multiple of the same kekkai may need to be used in the same rune!! my final rune was 1-6-5-4-6 so there was two of the final kekkai, THEY REPEAT.

Additional Map:

By ssethia86 in his post: do jounin exam part 3, 4 & 5 within 2 hour_map+tips+pics

Additional Video:

How to passed Jounin exam part 3 by DarkKnightDarkAradon

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