Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam - Part 1 & 2

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Ninja Saga

In Ninja Saga, when you reach Lv20, you can take a special event - Chunin Exam. Here you will face the strongest components, beat the mysterious enemies and find the story behind the village. And here is the video guide(walkthough) of Chunin Exam. All these video are made by YouPoo in Youtube:

Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam - Part 1

YouP00: This is the chunin exam part 1 with all 10 correct answers.
The order of the questions may be different but always same 10 questions and answers.

Ninja Saga Guide: Chunin Exam - Part 2

YouP00: dont have to kill all enemies.
i show you which one you have to kill and which one you can pass.
you dont get xp for fights anyways...

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