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This is a review of Nemexia on According to the author: "Despite some shortcoming Nemexia is a well-built game that introduces interesting and fun concepts to the space themed OSG."

Nemexia Review

By olivergodfreed on

Nemexia is a space themed OSG that inroduces some interesting game concepts to the genre.

Players pick from one of three races, the Confederation (Humans), Terteths (Robots), or the Noxis (Aliens), and control a planet. It has the traditional OSG concepts of resource management, building construction, and raising an army, which makes it very accessable. In addition to the 3 main resources (Metal, Minerals, Gas), there is also Energy. Energy isn’t generated per hour like most resources, but is used as a constant cap for building construction. For example, if you have a Solar Plant that grants 10 Energy, and each buildings costs 1 Energy, you can only build 10 buildings. If you demolish one of your buildings you’d have 1 Energy again, and so on. It functions very similarly to population in Khan Wars.

Nemexia divides each planet into three zones, Resources, Industry, and Government, and these have prominant links for easy navigation. My only qualm about the zones is that sometimes they don’t make much sense. For example, the Vault, which stores Ships, is placed in the Resource Zone, and sometimes the game refers to the Government zone as the Military Zone.

The energy system gets more intersting later in the game. Each player’s Planet is part of a Galaxy, much like Islands in Ikariam. The Solar Plants that give you energy are based off the Galaxy’s sun, which grow old over time and give less energy. To win the game an alliance has to harvest crystals from suns by attacking it. Each successful attack reduces the sun’s energy, so all Players in that galaxy are going to want to defend their sun.

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Despite these shortcoming Nemexia is a well-built game that introduces interesting and fun concepts to the space themed OSG.

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