enderlandia's Nemexia Guide

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A guide for the newbies in Nemexia. According to the author, it's useful to check the help-game rules section on the official site. Then, there are some tips for newbies. Check below:

enderlandia's Nemexia Guide

By ederlandia in the official forum

First of all, for almost every question there is an answer in the HELP- GAME RULES section:

Then there is an Advisor in the game - very usefull but mainly it gives you resources when you "complete the mission". This resources can be very usefull in the beginning.

About developing the mines - First target is the METAL and the CRISTAL MineS till the 10th level., So you can build a 2nd one of the kind.

The second target is to get the METAL mine at 15th level - so you can have a 3rd one!

In the meanwhile build the BANK - so you can have loans. A couple of thousands GAS in the beginning are really usefull... Or anyway, before go to bed, get a loan from the bank so to can put a nice long construction queue, and when you wake up in the morning your building are ready!

Next target = to COLONIZE a 2nd planet - so you need a particular ship with some requirements, but you have now some mines that gives you the resources for the sciences and techs:

Next target = Market - so you can commerce with the other plaeyers.

During all this, when the numbers are good (make your counts), add some levels of the science MATH
and do not forget to add levels to the FACTORY/CONSTRUCTION YARD/MUTATION COCOON - inside them, for every level of the building there is a robot that will give you more resources to the income, in base of what you want him to do. Beside will do shorter the time for construction of all your buildings! Every robot gives you:
6% to the Metal income, or
5% to the Cristal income, or
4% to the GAS income.

so you can even manage to change your incomes :)

Then next step is to be able to the ASTROPLOTATION -

Then, when getting close to the 500 points (over 500 the other players will be able to attack you!), look who are your neighbourghs! So to understand if you will have to worry about them. Look to the alliances around too, if you get into a powerfull Clan your mates would eventually help you and mainly it will scare your enemies!

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