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Naviage puts you in the adventure. Starting from a peaceful seaside town, the game guides you through the sailor's life with a simple tutorial and a few helpful hints. The first ship you own might not be much compared to the King's fleets, but the tutorial makes sure that pirates don't overwhelm new explorers.

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Following the tutorial throws players directly into the game's plot and sets up the background story for the character. Here the game lets players customize their character with different professions and even stake out a port on the world map. With the exception of the major ports for each continent, players have the freedom to set up their docks anywhere on the world map.

On the gameplay side, Most of your time will be spent in port or at one of your docks. When you have an entire merchant guild to manage, it's worthwhile to invest in trade and research new technologies. These activities always start from your base ports, so expect to call them home. However, for players seeking fast-paced action, naval battles offer an alternative to trading. The action system in "Naviage" gives you the option to control your ships during battle by setting up battle formations and choosing what type of ships you sail in your fleet.; Fleet formations give you an edge when facing pirates or raiding players.

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In "Naviage" players must choose one of six different countries as their homeland. After selecting a nationality and a port within the region the exploration begins. From here the game opens up and players gain the option to trade, raid or explore. Of course each of these avenues requires a certain amount of preparation, but the tutorial gives players a good base to start from.

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The Dock is a player's link to the world and everything from an academy of sciences to a local pub, is found on its grounds. Every port will have a standard set of options, from a customs house to a merchants guild, but players operate docks and each will vary by location. For those who value trade, purchasing multiple docks will be one the first steps towards founding a strong merchants guild.

Once you own a dock, you will want to invest your resources into building up the area. With a labor market, an academy, and a bar you will be well on your way to setting off on your first voyage. However, don't think that everything ends with sailing, the world of "Naviage" operates a dynamic trade system and prices change daily. Within a few hours your goods may be worth triple their value, if you are lucky enough to buy at the right time.

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The world of Naviage is open for exploration and the games mulitplayer functions allow players to mark experience the game alongside their friends. Port and fleet names are always chosen by you and with a large enough fleet you too will leave your mark on "Naviage". How will your name be etched on this age of discovery. Log on to Naviage and step into our World.



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