Naviage Review: an Epic Navigation Journey Begins!

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By Sain, BBGsite Reviewer Team member

Marine adventure has become a cliche theme in the current browser game market. However, Naviage, a new navigation-themed browser game published by, successfully stands out to attract numerous gamers. What is the magic of this game? As a navigation game fan, I jumped into Naviage to find answers of my own. If you are curious about this game too, read this article to find out if Naviage is worth trying out. So pull the sail! This ship is about to leave.

First Impression: (Full Score: 10)

Graphics: 8
Easy to pick up: 6
Interaction: 7
Game Systems: 9

Average Score: 7.5

Advantages: distinctive UI, rich contents, massive game system and long-lasting fun;
Disadvantages: imperfect newbie tutorial; content is a little over-complicated for new players to pick up.


The graphics of Naviage are very splendid. They remind you of the medieval war over ocean domination just at the first sight. After you enter the game, a flash animation would jump out from the static page, giving you a surprising welcome.

Naviage Screenshot

Operation Interface:

After completing the character creation process, you'll enter the operation interface of Naviage. As previously said, Naviage offers rich contents, so the operation interface is a little more complicated than other RTS games. However, it is not messy. Every function is reasonably placed so that the layout seems quite pleasing. In addition, the chatting room is flexible. You can change the size or drag it to wherever you want to put it within the interface.

Naviage Screenshot

Overall Introduction:

1. Character creation

Naviage offers 6 nationalities and 8 professions for you to choose. There are also 24 ports waiting for you to explore. Naval battle, trade and growth of heroes are three main parts in the game, all of which would never tire you down. At the same time, you can also choose your own way of development. These are where the essence of this game.

Naviage Screenshot

Naviage Screenshot

2. Battle system

There are several kinds of battles in Naviage. You can invade shipping lanes, docks or even ports alone or take part in a guild war. Of course, you can also target at pirates. Striking pirates not only reward you gold but also some equipments. Sometimes, you also have to fight other countries for your Honor as well as the fate of your country. As an essential part of war strategy game, various kinds of battles will give you intense experience after you dwell on commercial operation. Plundering ships, invading docks, suppressing pirates – you will feel like you have jumped into the Pirates of the Caribbean. Imagine how exciting it would be! What is worth mentioning is hero is very crucial to the battles. So pay attention to their growth.

Naviage Screenshot

3. Quest system

Like other online games, the quest system of Naviage has also transplanted a newbie tutorial which can help you transit from a rookie to a veteran and lead you to the hegemony of the whole sea world step by step. The rewards for completing quests are quite generous, so don't give up quests. Moreover, questing is also an effective way to help you get familiar with the game more quickly.

Naviage Screenshot

4. Hero system

Heroes in Naviage are actually captains of the fleets. They play an important role in ocean shipping and sea battles. In addition, heroes' ability will directly decide your reputation in Naviage, so don't forget to improve the ability of your heroes. The cultivation of heroes diversifies the gameplay of Naviage, enabling you to enjoy a role-playing experience which can be comparable with those RPG games.

Naviage Screenshot



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