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Naviage tosses Pirates, treasure and Yeepgame onto the high seas in an interactive browser-based adventure. Learn to maneuver around raiders, while trading goods along uncharted routes. Venture into ancient ruins, haggle with merchant guilds, and join an expanding player community.

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When just starting out, players need to focus on building up stockpiles of Gold and expanding their docks.  Developing a home port lets you focus on ship making, recruiting sailors and setting up a merchant empire. However, it's also important to reach out to other ports, as before long you will need to establish your fleet and trade in new regions.

The waters are vast and a player's world map won't show every location. Without a few essentials, even sailing to a near-by port can be difficult. The first thing you need to do is to set up a second dock and construct a ship factory. Once you've upgraded your factory to level 2, build a shipyard to make room for an additional vessel. Next, produce an Explorer-class Expedition Ship and cross over to the port to recruit sailors from the local tavern. At this point you may have realized that gold does not magically transfer from dock to dock, and you will need to transport funds from your main base.

Whenever you plan to sail, first, recruit sailors from the Tavern and then prepare your fleet for the expedition by speaking to the Fleet Manager at the Dock Plaza. The manager can help organize your ships and allocate enough gold for the journey. Speaking with the Dock Manager at the Dock Plaza will allow you to carry gold to another destination on the map.

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The shipment of gold should give you the capital you need to discover new locations on the world map. Before you set sail, make sure that the Explorer-class ship is the only vessel in your fleet and hire a skilled navigator from the bar. Finally, head to the port's customs office and speak with the Dock Purser to set sail.

Naviage also has an excellent tutorial system that teaches you as you play. The Task List lays out the road to wealth and honor, but in truth it is the tutorial! As you "Research Casting Studies" you will learn to make much needed artillery and gain the power to defend your port. When you've got the basics down, you'll receive a new task entitled, "Build a War Factory".  This task will guide you as you build up your port defenses, big guns to keep the pirates huddled in their coves.

Naviage puts you on the path of exploration and this is just the start.



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