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Naviage is an epic maritime adventure web game with a complex game structure and a magnificent backstory set against the developing empires of the 15th Century. Players will be engaged by elements of an RPG, a global trading business and national empire building.

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Naviage features include:

Ample Freedom With 6 countries to start from and 300+ ports to visit, players are free to explore, trade and fight as they set their own path in their global adventures.

Plentiful Gaming Content Unique weapon sets, ships, fleet formations, technologies, port defenses and more allow players to maximize their enjoyment as they make their way to the top.

A Diverse Battle System Whether it's for gold or honor, or perhaps simply to destroy a pirate's port, battles are a major component of the game. Players will partake in battles such as Route Raids, Dock Raids, and Guild Wars with and against other players.

Three Professional Paths The three paths of either Pirate, Merchant, or Soldier allows players to partake in title-specific events to receive honor and achieve their respective titles.

A Lavish Achievement System Explore the ruins in each port to collect all 300+ achievements related to world famous monuments, natural wonders, works of art and cultural splendors.

Strategic Battle Play With 12 Offensive Skills, 6 Supporting Skills, and 12 Battle Formations, players have the power to customize their technique against each individual opponent's strengths.

A Global Trading System Buy low, sell high and shrewd traders will earn handsome profits at welcoming ports near and far. But buyer beware - prices are constantly changing and today's popular product may turn into yesterday's has been!

A Realistic Stock Market System With 30 NPC guilds in the stock market, additional player guilds may add their stock if they aren't afraid of a little challenge. Keep your battle ships ready because every loss in Guild Wars will hurt the losing guild's stock value.

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