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First you need to be in your dock screen ofyour starting city. When seeing the dock button in the top right, click it andit will lead you to the dock screen, where you will talk to the Human Resources Manager, the third gentleman from the left with the dark hair. After talk to him, click 'Create Fleet', then you will be entering 'My Fleet' screen. Drag your merchant ship from the right side ofthe screen (Ships available to distribute) to the left side (Fleet Establishment). Hit OK in the pop up box, and click the zero next to 'Funds' type in 20,000 to fund your fleet then click OK. You are now a commander of yourown fleet!


Now you got somewhere to put your goods to trade, let's actually get you making a fortune! Click your port button in the upper right corner of the screen. Once in port, on the left hand side you will see your 'Trade Center'. Now click on the comely lass with the reddish-brownhair. You will be speaking to her a lot, not because she is so attractive, but because she is in charge of all your trading! Click her now. This screen will be where you proceed to do all your trading. You don't have to worry about 'Trade Target' as you only have one fleet in port currently, as you receive more, this box will switch from fleet to fleet. Storage room is where you see how much cargo space you have, very important if you are not sure whether you unloaded, or just filled up with paper goods and still have one slot left for rum! Funds will be how many 'pieces of eight' you are carrying. Lastly, the list of goods will vary from port to port. Click what you want to buy and click' Purchase'. Your ship is now full of cargo and set for sailing!


If you are looking how to sail to a new port, then search your 'Port' screen, click the 'Customs' button. The gentleman on the left is the Dock purser, anytime you want to ship goods out of a city, you will have to go through him. Click him and you will see your fleet, your level,how much the ship holds, how many sailors you have working for you, is all information that can be found here. On the far right you will see the ' Trade'button. Click it now. This will bring you to the world map, the red circle is your home port. Click a port near your home port to set this as your destination. A few different buttons will come up but what you want is the 'Command' Button.After clicking it, the trade window will come up and once you click 'Departure',you will be on your way!

Once you reach your new city, in the port screen click 'Trade Center' again, then you are back at the trade screen. This time though, on the right side of the screen, you will see the goods in your cargo hold. Click on them and you may choose how many items to sell. Click 'Sell' . Congratulations! You are now a fully qualified trader in Naviage!

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