Naviage Guide: Tricks on Trading Popular Merchandize

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In Naviage, every player has a certain limit of trading popular merchandize. Player get 2500 honor per 100 cabins of popular merchandize. So it's a perfect way of raising your honor points. Here are some tricks:

  1. Purchase a dock in a port which has popular products. Level up the warehouse to 10. You may store merchandizes to the ware house and wait for good luck!
  2. Purchase certain merchandize to its daily cap.
  3. Even if your merchandize is not popular, you must get it on the rail. For example: trade ancient artwork from Hangzhou to Lisbon. And trade Lisbon's golden table ware back to Hangzhou. That's because every time's the port has a popular merchandize to buy are 8 hours away from the merchandise's origin port. For example, from Asian to Africa, or Europe; from North America to Caribbean Sea or some corner of black sea. Never left the popular products at it's origin.
  4. Dismiss your trading fleet: Dismiss it and rebuild it up in port which has popular merchandize. That saves a lotta time, but the fleet's level is low. Not a problem to trading ships. This need you have docks in every continent, after sell the good, dismiss the fleet. 40 trade ships stay in per dock is suggested, that save 95% time.
  5. Espionage ship: leave the slow ships at dock, and travel back/target port with a espionage ship, that makes you travel 3-4 times faster.
  6. Considering speed, range, and storage, lvl. 6 Dias-class Merchant ship is the best!



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