Naviage Guide: Some Tricks on Clearing Pirates

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In Naviage, clear pirate is an every day home work for all navigators, so this guide may do some help for all the players. Chart below shows the corresponding of pirate port level, pirate level and navigator level. (White pirate only, not suitable for purple pirates or other colored ones). There are 8 levels of white pirates. (Pirate evades sometimes when Navigator has a higher level).

  Port lvl. Pirate lvl. Navigator lvl.
1 1-5 1-20 16
2 6-10 21-25 21
3 11-15 26-30 26
4 16-20 31-35 31
5 21-25 36-40 36
6 26-30 41-45 41
7 31-35 46-50 46
8 36-40 51-55 51
9 41-45 56-60 56
10 46-50 61-65 61
11 51-55 66-70 66
12 56-60 71-75 71
13 61-65 76-80 76
14 66-70 81-85 81
15 71-75 86-90 86
16 76-80 91-95 91
17 99 95-99 99

So, player can select the pirate port to attack, referring the level of his/her fleet commander. For example: When you attack 3lvl pirate port, you’ll fight lvl 11-15 pirate. It’s 16-20 lvl pirate you may come across in lvl4 pirate port. The lvl of port only helps player to predict the lvl of pirate, but it’s not equals to the lvl of pirates in certain port.

For another example, if a player has a lvl.44 fleet commander, he can at least attack lvl. 29 pirate, and when he attacks lvl 7+ pirate port, the bad guys in it surly won’t evade. But when this fleet come across pirates under lvl29, go back home without firing one shot is the only result.

Naviage Screenshot

BTW, purple, green or blue BOSS hide which hide in the pirate port does not follow the rule. A firing scout or espionage is suggested, especially when you are facing a devastating purple Boss. Although you’ll get very good drop after beat them, we suggest player don’t try them alone, cause blue and purple Boss shall needs your own combine fleets or even guild fleet fight together to defeat them.

PS, white pirate has a 50% drop ratio, and the drop ratio of supreme equipment is the same as colored pirates.

Source: Some tricks on clearing pirates



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