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Naviage is an epic maritime adventure web game with a complex game structure and a magnificent backstory set against the developing empires of the 15th Century. Players will be engaged by elements of an RPG, a global trading business and national empire building. If you just began to play this game, then this guide must be a great help for you to learn more about the game.

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Q: Where can I exchange for my newbie card?

A: Enter Port, click church on the top right and talk to a priest

Q: How do I hire sailors?

A: Enter Port, Click on Bar, Talk to Bar Owner

Q: Why did I click on the bar owner, but there are no sailors for me to hire?

A: Make sure you have enough fleets and gold.

Q: How do I hire explorers?

A: In any tavern, click on explorer's home

Q: Different colours in explorer's names?

A: Different colour represents the ability of explorers, purple is the best, with blue, green, white.

Q: How do I change colours of the main explorer?

A: Upon entering the game, his colour is white, accepting bless at level 1 changes him to green, and again at level 20 changes him to blue, and finally again at 50 changes him to purple

Q: Where to build Command Center?

A: Bottom left corner of the dock, if you cannot see, try minimizing the chat window.

Q: Purchasing a new dock in Quest, why can't I purchase?

A: You will have to level up management first.

Q: How do I receive contribution points?

A: By charging money into the game, with its rate of 1:200

Q: What are ways to receive honor?

A: Complete Mainstream Task, Daily Task, invest in guilds, explore new ports, discover new things, complete popular item trades, route raid, eliminating pirates, guild wars etc.

Q: How to purchase stocks?

A: Top left corner in the game, but make sure you have the right technology before purchasing any stocks.

Q: What is the Trade Market?

A: Trade Market is the place where you pick up your bonuses, but remember to pick it up once every 24 hours, because it does not stack.

Q: Are there a limit to the level of buildings in docks?

A: Dock Plaza, Warehouse, ShipFactory, Trade Market can upgrade to level 10, Everything else may be upgraded to level 18.

Q: Upon discovering items during sailing, what does nearby, not far, quiet far, very far each represent?

A: nearby is 5 minutes, not far is 15 minutes, quiet far is 30 minutes, very far is 2 hours.

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Q: How to join a guild?

A: Open up port, click on Merchant Guild, talk to Guild Secretary, select the guild of your choice and click apply.

Q: If I quit the guild, will everything I donate be refunded?

A: No

Q: How do I dismiss a hero?

A: Under dock, click dock plaza, talk to Labor Manager, click dismiss after the hero you want to dismiss and you are done! But remember to take of equipments before hand.

Q: What are uses for points?

A: Use to purchase items in shop on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Q: What is the title needed to obtain before I can recruit battle fleets?

A: Complete quest to become Baronet gives you a raid permit, with it you may create your battle fleet.

Q: My title is already Baronet, but I haven't got the raid permit?

A: It is not automatically distributed, you will have to receive it from the task bar by receiving rewards.

Q: Where can I see those title tasks? How come I can't see title tasks in my task bar?

A: It is usually the first item in the task bar, but if you have any incomplete Mainstream tasks, it may be blocked by it.

Q: Can battle fleets and trading fleets transform from one to another?

A: Yes, as long as you have trading permits and raid permits.

Q: How do I launch an attack on pirates?

A: Open up customs in port, talk to port master, select attack, select any pirate bases, select the dock to be attacked, and finally confirm to depart.

Q: How come when I tried to attack pirates, the system notifies me "No route to attack pirates"?

A: To attack pirates, you must depart from any nearby dock.

Q: How do I participate in guild wars?

A: Enter the port where your guild is located, click base on the top right corner, talk to Guild Fleet Manager, select either attack or defend, and confirm to depart. If your guild does not own an official bases, then you must depart from your guild's temporary base.

Q: Which port is my guild's temporary base?

A: The port where your guild is created at.

Q: How do I complete "Receive Guild Bonuses" in daily tasks?

A: Buy a dock in your guild's base, click base on the top right corner, and talk Guild Manager to receive your bonus.

Q: If my fleet suddenly "disappears", what do I do?

A: Click fleet from the bottom icon in the screen, it will display where your fleet is currently located as well as its status.

Q: How do I attack the same pirate dock with a group of my fleets?

A: Set delay departure time, so that according to each of the traveling time, have your ships depart accordingly so that they will arrive to attack at the same time.

Q: Mainstream tasks about the dock are not yet to be all completed, but all the spaces in dock is occupied, but do I do?

A: Build any structures inscribed in the task in any other dock, and upgrade them to the correct level will also enable you to complete the task.

Q: How come I claim victory at a certain pirate dock, but neither can I complete the mainstream nor the daily task?

A: You will have to defeat that dock once you received that task, and daily tasks have to be done on that day.



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