Naviage Guide: How to do Everything in Naviage

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We all know that Naviage is a complicated game, if you just start this game, there may be some problem you meet. Wanna know how everything works in Naviage? Then just follow me and check this guide:

Character's Attribute

The Character's attribute is an extremely important part in the game, but do you understand completely how it works? Read this Naviage Helper to find out.

There are a total of 8 types of Attributes; instructing explorers to operate in the field they are good at will increase the work rate and the success rate. The following are a list of attributes:

  • Command: Affects explorer's ability to command fleet size and tonnage.
  • Relevant Skill: Thunder, Confusion, Lighting, Accurate, Bribe, Counterattack.
  • Sailing: Affects the sailing speed of fleets, and the explorer's ability to handle emergencies in battle, and ability to solve situations in the right order.
  • Relevant Skill: Clamp, Raid, Dodge
  • Bartering: Affects the profit earned during trades, and lowers the effect of the fluctuating prices.
  • Relevant Skill: Bribe
  • Tactics: Increase the damage dealt to opponents in battle, increase fleet attack power.
  • Relevant Skill: Sweep, Penetration, Clamp, Sputtering, Firm, Counterattack.
  • Exploration: Affects the explorer's spy level, at the same time increasing the chances of discovering unknown ports, and is the perquisite of discovering items in ports.
  • Relevant Skill: First Strike, Inspire.
  • Plundering: Increase chances of attacking the opponent during loot battles, and increase loots upon victory
  • Relevant Skill: Shock, Sweep, Sputter, Confusion, Accurate.
  • Strategy: Decrease the effect of the environment towards the speed of the fleets, and increase defense during battle.
  • Relevant Skill: Thunder, Penetration,Lighting, Firm, Inspire
  • Navigation: Increase the experience gained by the explore during sails, and is the condition to decide orders in battle if the two sides have similar attributes
  • Relevant Skill: Rapid Fire, Dodge, Repair.

How to earn gold

In any online game, game coins usually are a major component of gaming, Naviage is no different, and do you want to know the ways of earning gold in Naviage? Read more to find out.

You can trade goods between ports to earn gold, and this should always be your main source of income. There are a few other ways: when you have a certain amount of military strength, you may attack another players or NPC pirate's ports for loots including gold, items, and equipment; if your fleet is strong enough, even a port belonging to a guild can be attacked by you; in addition, completing different tasks will also grant you gold based on the difficulty. Form or join a powerful guild, and invest in the ports, will grant bonus to you based on the taxes; and finally, when the level of technology achieves certain conditions, you can appoint any fleet to trade between ports to make a profit.

How to sail?

Sailing is the first step toward completing their dream for all explorers; do you want to know how to start your first voyage? Read on to find out!

If you want to start a voyage, you must first create a fleet, voyage in this game are based on fleets. After the creation of the fleet, click on the page in the port customs, and talk to the port manager, and click on the appropriate sail button, then select the your destination. Note: there is a range for where the fleets can travel, you can only choose ports within the range of fleet as the destination then you may sail, further more, there is the cost of sailing, which is related to the number of sailors and time in water, remember to leave extras for the fleet's replenishment costs. When you have selected a destination, click on it, and in the subsequent pop-up window, click depart, the fleet will begin to sail. If you want your fleet to avoid getting attacked on this voyage, you can use a special pass, click the safe sail, and you can have your fleet safely to their destinations.

Naviage Screenshot

How to create Buildings

Buildings are a necessary part of sailing, do you want to know how to build and upgrade buildings? Read more to find out!

Construction of buildings can only be done in your own dock, if the building was never built, you can simply click on the dock interface to build it. If the building already exists, and you just want to upgrade it, then you just have to click on the top right corner of the building to upgrade.

How to get Ships

There are two ways to obtain a ship: one is to go to the shipyard in the port and purchase on of the pre-build ships, but the port shipyard technology is limited, which results in the poor quality of the ships. The second is to build your own shipyards in your dock, to build your very own ships, this is the main source of ships.

How to Advance Technology

Technology is the basis of sailing; do you want to know how to upgrade the technology? Read more to find out!

To upgrade technologies, you must first create the science academy in the dock, then find the technology in the approraiate place located in the menu, click the upgrade button, and it is done. Note: technology upgrades have certain conditions, these conditions will be listed next to the technology, only when you meet these conditions will you be able to upgrade the technology.

How to Purchase

Trading goods are the main income of explorers, but in order to trade goods, you must learn how to purchase them first, Read more to find out how!

In your dock menu, you can select Trade Center to enter the Trading Page. Talk to the Trade Center Worker, select the desired goods, enter the number you want to purchase, and finally click Buy to complete the transaction. Note: If you own a dock in this port, you will have to select where to upload these goods, either the dock or your fleets, if the dock is selected, then you will have to make sure if there is enough room to store these goods, if fleet is select then you will also have to make sure there is enough room in the ship.

How to hire Navigators

Navigators are there to help you complete your dreams, but do you know how to hire these helpers? Well read more to find out!

You can hire Navigators inside your dock's Bar, the higher the level of your Bar is, the higher the chance for better Navigators to appear. There are four levels to how good a Navigator is: from the inexperienced white name Navigators to the relatively experienced green name Navigators, to the blue name elite Navigators and finally the purple name experienced elite explorers, all just waiting for you to hire!

Naviage Screenshot

How to locate new ports

Ports are where you will be trading to earn the gold you needed, but only with a few known ports at the beginning of the game, it is often not enough as you grew stronger by the day; do you want to know how to discover new ports? Well read on to find out!

When you register and enter the game for the first time, only a few ports near your birth dock are appeared for you to trade, if you want to discover new ports, you will have to explore. You can create a fleet entirely made up by exploring ships, only to use for exploring. Specific Instructions: Click Port, and talk to the Dock Purser, selects Exploring, in the window following select the direction and duration of the expenditure, and finally select depart. The success rate is positively related to the exploring level of the navigator, and the number and levels of the exploring ships in the fleet.

How to increase the levels of Navigators

An increase in your Navigator's levels will increase your income; do you want to know how to increase the explorer's level? Read on to find out.

As long as the Navigator is sailing, he will gain experiences. Other ways of gaining experiences include: discovering unknown ports, participate in sea battles, completing certain tasks. As the levels of the Navigators increases, his ability will increase as well. The better the Navigator, the more ability points he or she will gain.

How to protect the safety of your dock

Your dock is the logistic camp for your voyages; do you want to know how to protect the safety of these docks? Read more to find out!

There are two way to protect your dock: one is to hire mercenaries to help you defend the dock; the other is to build defenses near the shore, constructing a number of artilleries, mines, marine blocks, nets to repel any incoming enemies. It is worth mentioning that when your dock gets attacked, and you have artillery fire in the battle field, your fleets in the dock will automatically participate in the defense battle.

How to raid goods and gold

Raiding resources will bring you gold and a feeling of dominating others, do you want to know how to raid other players? Read this to know more about it!

There are two kinds of raids: Route Raid and Dock Raid. Route Raid is where you send a fleet hovering near your guild and raid any ships passby. Note that you can only depart from the guild to commit any Route Raid. Specific Instructions: click guild, talk to the Fleet Manager, select the route, in the subsequent pop-up page, choose the duration, and finally click confirm to start. Route Raid is for you to attack all the ships passby this route in the give time, so unless you have an extremely powerful fleet, it is recommended that you lay low and choose looting time cautiously. Dock Raid requires you to depart from your own dock, instructions are: go to Dock Plaza, click on the dock manager, select attack, in the pop-up map select the location where you want the raid to happen, and finally click confirm to start this operation. The system will show you how much time the raid operation started that the opponent's dock will get attacked and your opponent's fleet and defense. Because it will take some time for your fleet to reach the opposing dock, after the departure of your fleet, a warning will appear to the opponent.

How to complete daily tasks

Are you still wondering what to do everyday upon logging in, do you want to receive free items? Read more to find out!

Upon logging into the game, on the Explorer's diary on the top, follow instructions in the diary to complete tasks, and receive reward, at the same time having some points stocked up. Once your points reaches a certain amount, in the points exchange section, you may exchange points for certain items, and having you experience free goodies without spending a cent!



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